6 days in Tahiti – day 3

Day 3
I started the day in a foul mood. I was somewhat forced, pressured to go to bed last night with the captain asking me four times when am I going to bed. He is tired, what should that have to do with me? Well now he has taken to sleeping in the cockpit and does not want the light on I guess. Or something, anyway so I turned in early but still awake. Looking at the clouds. At some point it started to rain. The boat cockpit is not full enclosed so I got a little wet , not a lot and it did not last long. Still I got a bit damp but it was pleasant listening to it was not a heavy down pour. Sencho wakes and tells me it is raining, wow really. I ignored him. He went below to sleep. Yay! It stopped raining and he returned. 😦 frack!
Another reason I could not sleep was the boat was re-tied to the dock and made a lot of new loud noises! Therefore I slept very little, the rain came and went two more times. Finally when I had just gotten into a good sleep Sencho wakes me talking loud, what about I do not know. This is more than his talking in his sleep loud talking, it is to me! Part of it had to do with him wanting me to know he had a marine chart and was looking at it! So what?! That has Nothing to do with me or my hired for work tasks! So now I am pissed. I got up and went on the dock to meditate and do Tai Chi, I was in a foul mood.
I later walked to the market to get breakfast. I got some what I thought was going to be coconut water, but was coconut milk drink. Sweet and rich, I think it was part of the reason I started feeling sick from then on. The rest of the day went downhill.
Sencho asks me to please hurry and install the Auto pilot! But that did not stop him from asking me questions or for help with things he was doing. Anyway, the day got hotter, after lunch I got sick, and weak. I tried to keep working , but at one point I did the over the rail lean to spill my stomach. I do nt know if it was from the heat working down in the hole to install the system, the diesel fumes, the roach spray, the lunch /breakfast anyway once everything came out and I took a nap and I felt better and went back to work. I wanted to get the system at least installed to the point I could check and maybe calibrate. I did get a check in. But I could not calibrate, Sencho hanging over my shoulder, I hate that with any kind of work I am doing! Also asking questions while I am trying to understand something.  I will need to figure out why I could not set it up as tomorrows task, then finalize the installation. Then all that is left of my task is to sew the jib sheet cover. I already told Sencho that it is a cover that is torn not the sail, if it rips all the way off it is not big deal. However I will plan on sewing it. Then all that is left of my assignment ( I think) is to help with the sea trial before I leave on Friday morning Yay! Freedom and home! Yeah, it will be cold but still I have some illusion freedom, and can have my own space!
The dock is quiet tonight, no kids, no party, only one person fishing. It is nice and comfortable warm/cool. I sit facing a large cat, and wading in memories.

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