Six days in Tahiti – day 2

Day 2
I am in a better mood today. Partly because two days are done, with a fair amount of items done, and only four more days to go. I never thought I would be in Tahiti and looking forward to leaving. I am big on having my own space. I did not sign-up to be tied to the boss 24 hrs a day, I was hired for certain jobs.
Another good thing, I found a nice little beach right next door to the marina. A little swimming area, which I doubt I will get to use, but it is there along with spot to practice some Tai Chi and Zazen. 
Sharing a sleeping space really bummed me last night, but what really did me in was moving bedding and there were two roaches! Jhezz! I hate this part. Everything that is moved on the boat uncovers the little critters. Did I say I hate it! 
I have found a bit of solitude tonight hanging on the dock. There are people here, some kids, some adults and kids fishing, some others having a small party/chatting, French is the language in the air. From time to time someone says bonjour, but that is as far as it goes. I can sit quietly to myself and feel like I am off duty. It is my time off the clock, no questions, no details, no figuring translation, zip!
There was rain today. It was refreshing. As much as I love the warmth and heat, it does make one tired, the rain was warm fairly short lived and left a double rainbow. Once everything under the shower was re-fresh , it was gone. I also realized today that sitting all day on a hardwood sit makes one tired as well, there are no cushions on the boat.
Photo Feb 16, 8 56 31 AM
Another bit of good news, there will be a sea trial on Weds, Yokatta! I will get to do a bit of sailing whilst here in paradise. A breath of fun in the 10 hours plus of work days.
I am nodding off from time to time sitting here. I would like to just go to bed, but I will not have the peace. Still I will go try earlier than later. I will not be able to sleep the whole night maybe I will get up early early and sit out here in the quiet of the dawn.
One thing about being in a French country is there is a lot of cheese in the market! Yumm, I have to control that urge. I am hoping to bring some back with me to Japan. It should last the trip back if I buy it late the night before. Once we are on the air it will be much cooler temp to keep the cheese. However I am unsure if I can take some with me on the plane or take it into Japan once there.

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