Return to Waterworld – 6 days in Tahiti – pt 1

Day 1

As I start write-up this life episode, the little screen on the seat says I am 49 min from Landing in/on Papeete Island, currently at 39004 ft. Months ago, many long months ago, seems like from here, even another life almost, I had thought we would be coming into Tahiti at sea level. All of that is but a distant dream now. The voyage, the Cat, the dream, ces’t la vie.
This is a mixed trip of sorts, flying in, but flying in to work on a Yacht, on a Yacht from Japan. Who would have thought. Life does take some interesting turns ne!
The Captain and I left Osaka without incident and the same with Tokyo. Even though there was a storm in both places the day before. Enough of one in Tokyo to shut down flights. 
I saw pictures people had posted from Tokyo on to Facebook of the snow. Yet when we arrived nothing in sight. Just a bit of rain started as we were taking off. 
Only things of interest in Tokyo, Sencho (the Captain) did not get his bag from the check out after landing domestic before changing to international so we had to get help for that. In my case I did not fill out the departure, return forms and had to get out of line to do that, then I thought I could just go back to the counter, but no I had to go to the end of the line. A bit embarrassing. Oh well, and so starts the Tahiti adventure with the Sencho.
I am here to do some installation work and help with communication as he does not speak English or French. My Japanese is a joke to me, but we’ll see how this goes. I do have an electro-dictionary with me, so, Yosh. It is on. Next writing from on the boat at the local marina.

I have finally gotten some time alone. It has been trying day I feel like I have been indentured. I am called constantly and told things that, I already know, am doing, am trying to do, I do not understand most times. Especially trying my patience is explaining things to me I have already said I do not understand, and I do not know why it does not work. Like, why the toilet is so hard to flush, or why the windows based GPS is only working sometimes. I do not know, it is not my field, I do not understand the long detailed story of how it is not working. The other trying parts are trying to explain something over and over, Oh well, it is only a week … a long week. More training in a sense, i need to think of it as such. I do not care for the bugs (roaches) on the boat, the dirt, trash buildup, diesel smell. Sigh, it has been closed up unused for several months. I will really have earned my week’s pay, it is for real more than an eight hour day.
The night is quiet save for the sound of the honda 2000 generator on the dock and car motors in the distance. I am flooded with memories of living in the marina again, memories both pleasant and sad. I miss my boat. The water looks inviting for a sail. I do not know if we well get out before I leave. I am fairly sure we will once to do some systems check. However, it will surely be just one, because it will be a major hassle getting back and backing into our docking space. Not much side room, not much fairway room. I would not want to do it single handed or even double handed many times, forget many times. Once is enough!
Tahiti, what little I have seen of this island, Papeete, reminds me of a cross between Hawaii and Mexico. The outer parts must be beautiful. Most places were there are not a lot of people are for the most part, even if just in their own way. Maybe I will be able to slip off early some mornings, before the masses, and or Sencho arises and do some nearby exploring.
It is a strange feeling being somewhere these days that does not speak Japanese, Spanish or English. So I am really mostly at a lost for how to ask something. I can kind of figure out what is written in French and sort-of figure out a little of what is said, but not a clue on how to respond. Here at the marina they are all boat people. Well we did speak with a Couple of a Japanese sport fishers on a power boat. Bottom feeders of the boat world. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)
2:30 am,
Can’t sleep another spoiler occurred. I find as I get older it is important to me to have my space. I had planned on sleeping in the boat cockpit . I figured it was like having my own room, it as fairly cool, quiet. I could wake up early and do zazen privately. That was taken away. Sencho saw that wanted to sleep in the cockpit, he decides to also sleep in the cockpit. Thereby canceling ” my space ” . Now he is loudly snoring, I can not sleep! I will need to leave to find spot to do Zazen later. Another ” training ” experience on adapting, flowing and non-attachment! Frack!
Early morning heavy with whispers
beyond sight ocean sounds in the distance
The sky disk lights all

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