The Zen bike fleet – final edition

From an email i received from LZ whilst I out of town.


Police man called me at work 2 days ago and, I told him
to call back later.
He explain that we can’t use this and ・・・・・・
I said OK, OK,
He said the owner who told him while ago that she didn’t report
called police that the bicycle is her son’s.
Her son didn’t report but actually that is his bicycle.
So police have to return to the owner.
I said OK, but I asked the police, ” That bicycle is woman’s isn’t it?? ”
Then police explain his mother and son live separately and she didn’t
know that is his bicycle.

When the police man called me 2 days ago AGAIN!!! I got a feeling that
the police really really want to take that bicycle back from us, because
they tried to avoid we got 2 bicycle for free, that is sucks for them!

So I believe that is excuse. that is woman’s bicycle.

Police called me to take last night, but it was late and I already changed
the clothing, so I told them to come next morning.
I sat it again and it was much differences and very comfortable,
So it was really sorry to give back to the police.

2 police men came and took it.

Toooooo much hustle and exhausted to talk to them on the phone..

I called later to make sure why I have sign and stamp for the paper,
He explain.
He told me for the last ” please don’t do it again like this kind of stuff
, it will get in trouble… ”
I said ” Please tell me honestly if that it is prohibited to get bicycle from
someone for free, is that true that bicycle is for her son’s? Woman’s bicycle? ”
Police said, ” it is true they made sure her son, that bicycle can be used
for women and men! ”

Long long story.

There is a moral in this story somewhere. Doing the right thing is not always the right thing? Hmmmmmm

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