The ZenBike-Fleet

We have now a fleet of Bikes! There has been an addition to the fleet of three making it now four. This one has it’s own story although not as complex as the last. 

I got it from the same company. LZ was not completely please with taking over my old bike it was a bit too heavy and tall for her to feel comfortable. I took a look in the yard of the realtor on my way from Kyudo the other day and saw the bikes were still there. I looked over the other bike i had spotted for her. A multi-speed, in fairly good shape. It looked a bit lower sitting wise than my old one. I told LZ we agreed to get it. I would go back to Kyudo the next day and picked up the bike on my way into practice. 
She called the realtor in the morning, thanked him for the other bike and asked could we have one of the others. He agreed readily. So I headed out by train to picked up the bike. Getting it was easy, the tires needed air of course but that was also easy as a station was right on the corner. I took off for Kyudo. The bike road well, and smooth. It felt smaller than mine and lighter, so I thought LZ could handle it. 
As we had been through the procedure with the police already this time the plan was for me to stop at a police station on the way home, have them check out for a stolen bike report give me the info, needed then we could register it.
I passed three Kobans ( police stations) on the way home, no one was in any. Finally close to home I found one manned. I stopped in and with a call to LZ she explained what was needed. They took my info, called the realtor office and I was off to home. Simple, so I thought…
Once home some 2 hours later LZ had received two calls on the bike telling her the progress. They found no stolen bike reports, but they were checking further. (Why, bored I guess, something to do) another hour passes we get another ok, please wait just a bit more. Another 45 min and another call, everything is fine. Talked with the original owner all is well. Please get a new registration. Hello that was the whole point! Anyway. 3.5 hrs later and four phone calls everything was settled with the police check. 
Ok so what is interesting about this is the amount of effort they put into checking on this bike, even after finding there was no report filed. In the states, my friend had his truck and all his work tools stolen. He was told by some people who did it! He knew them! He told the police and they would not even go check it out. Not even investigate the story! Wow, what a difference!

4 thoughts on “The ZenBike-Fleet

    • Weather has major sucked here! 1st serious snow in three years happened the other day. Now seems like a bad dream since i am in the warm sunshine of Tahiti!! Working , not playing, but still Tahiti for a week. Doing boat work. I may even get a sail out of it!

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