The tale of two Bikes…final

When I closed the last entry, we had gotten an ok from a bike store to register the new to me ZenBike, upon giving them the name of the policeman who checked out the bike history. 

Upon waiting a couple of days for the policedude to return to work, LZ received a call from him. She said he talked a lot, but finally understood all she wanted, and needed was his name and phone number to give to the bike folks. Ok, it was secured, another step done.
Meanwhile, LZ rode the ZenBike-1 to see if she could get used to it. The day before the police call she rode it to the train station without trouble. I followed on the new 2 me ZB2 ( ZenBike 2). We, she parked next to a little shrine which was next to the train tracks, next to a store that was most times closed. We had seen other bikes park there. So even though I notice there was now a barrier there I gave it only a moment thought, along with noting the “ZenSense” was tingling. We did not park behind the barrier, but next to the building, leaving the space open in front of the shrine. I have noted to self on several occasions when I ignore the ZenSense tingle, it is not pleasant afterwards. This was no exception. When LZ returned from her visit to a friend’s house, both tires were flat. People think that Japanese are all always so polite, kind and helpful….wrong. Many are, but like ALL people, no matter where, there are bad apples. In this case someone had let the air out of the tires on purpose. I am guessing they did not want bike parking there. A Sign, a note would have been kinder. The air thing was just mean. 
LZ walked the bike home, I walked it to the gas station and refilled the tires. They were not cut, thankfully just air let out flattened. Lucky we did not have to buy new tires and that it was not raining. Ok, parking lesson learned.
The next day we rode over to the mall to the bike shop. I stayed outside to watch the bikes whilst LZ went in to advise them of our need. She came out shortly not too pleased. She said at first they said no, they needed such n such. She explained that I was told we just needed the info from the policeman and the guy said ok, bring in the bike. I did so. They were very helpful did the paperwork, even went through a bit a of hassle to remove the old sticker, replaced it with the new, said arigatou, blahblah, and we were done! yaTTa!
Outside LZ says. ” Sugoi! , when they saw it was you, they changed their whole attitude to humble and helpful. They were almost rude at first to me, until they saw it was you with the bike, then sugoi polite! Sugoi American privilege pass! No matter your color! THey also said it was an expensive bike, so you did good picking that one. Yatta!
So ends the tale of two bikes. Now I just need to change the brake pads which are worn out and change the front basket which is rusty and funky. Otherwise I am good to go. Up up and away! Have bike will travel! ZB2 in da hous!

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