A tale of two bikes …con’t

day later…we have been trying to contact a small local bike shop to get the bike registered. I have taken the rear rack off the old bike and put it on the newer one, changed the rear view mirror, also from the old bike. I have also checked in to a lock. Japan has these lock that fit on to the bike so you always have it and the key stays in the lock until you lock it. Pretty cool and pretty low cost.
I also checked into a new front basket. The old from the other bike will fit, if LZ is not going to use it. We may pickup another bike with a basket from the realtor for her, another multi-speed. We’ll see if it is still there later this week when I go to Kyudo. I was going today but it was/is way too cold, even snowed some , yuk! The plan is once the seat is lower LZ , who is short can ride it. If so we will get her another bike the multi-speed which maybe easier for her to ride in somewhat hilly places. Right now she is riding a 16 in folding single gear bike, with no basket. A bigger bike that can carry maybe better for her. My old one will work, but it is single geared, she would like multi as well if possible.


So we have been calling bike shops, no one answers! We decided to try the bike shop at the mall in the large department store. We had thought to avoid them because figuring they would be less lenient. Turns out we were wrong. They said, yes no problem. Just bring us some ID and the name and phone number of the policeman who checked we can file the license application. We do not issue it, but we can file it. Oh, snap we thought how simple, cool!

this is Japan…
Simple is only in Zen and art, not life
LZ recalls the police, they are like huh?, ok after about 10 min of explaining. They say they will call back, they have no record. We wait, they call. The officer is not today. Then more explaining for 10 min. Ok they said the officer will be in tomorrow, they have to check with him, as there is no other way to know for sure! OMG, there is nothing simple here. They send a man out to check on a bike that called in for information, but there is no report written and turned in, no file! Sugoi! This is why people complain when something big happens in Japan, the system is so complex, and inflexible. Why when the earthquake happened, the Yakuza got help to the people before the government did.
Ok, so I digress. Progress is being made. We can go to the nearby bike store to get registered with no problem. No problem that is once we can give them a name of some policeman who checked that the bike is not stolen as far as can be told..

This is turning into an adventure.

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