6 days in Tahiti day 4

Day 4
I was up and out this morning before the sun came over the mtn. It was about 6:30 or 7:00. I woke myself up after a mostly restful sleep. I was feeling normal, the sickness gone, pissed offness gone. I headed over to the main dock to do some Tai Ji and Zazen. The main dock as turned into my morning spot. 
It has a better feel early in the morning for some reason than the little park I had planned on. My practice was more peaceful yet energetic today. Perhaps not being sick, not being rudely awaken, combined for a good outlook today. I could start to feel the feeling of Tahiti. I am noticing that more over the last days. The people are nice for the most part, the bonjour greeting is pleasant. Here at the dock it really feels French Polynesia. It would be great to see more of the island and the locals. There is security here at the dock but it does not have that underling feel of danger like Mexico did. Well not at the hotel coral, but at Baja Naval. The Hotel was more uptown, hmm thinking of this, that way this place is also, upscale. All these big money boats here like Hotel Coral. Unlike Hotel Coral there are a lot of kids here. Speaking of which a large group just sat down next to me on the bench. Pretty quiet for a group of about 5-6 kids, pre-teens and younger.
After my morning tune-up practice I walked to the market to purchase breakfast. No Coconut milk today, a light breakfast. Yogurt, kefir, a croissant, fruit smoothie. Then I walked to the public park beach area for a sit down breakfast next to the beach. A few kids were already in the water. Other than their laughter it was quiet as I enjoyed my breakfast and the morning feel of Tahiti. After some quiet time it was off to work.
I worked on the autopilot again today. As usual Sencho asks me about looking at something else. This time I had enough and told him, I can not think about anything else but what I am working on right now. He left me alone for a while. I had a couple of other snappy moments with him during the day, but for the most part I was cool. Like when I am finishing up the AP and he says come with me to show me something. Just as I am closing up a part. Ok, he shows me the batteries, he is filling them and says they are only taking a little water. That is good, he says. I am puzzled, and say is this something you want me to do? He says no, I just wanted to show you. (o_O) I walked away and back to my work. Sigh. 
The on-going saga of pointless interruptions.
I did finish the pilot. I thought I was to do the sailing cover sewing next, but he gave me another job, he could not do, the bow light was not working and he could not figure it out. A job from hell. Crawling into this small, cramped bow, hot, no air, and stuff piled on the floor and corners. Nothing was easy, even to just see the wiring. I ended up replacing part of the line after finding that the oringal was stuck inthe pulpit and would not move when pulled. I bypassed it with new wire, ran outside and through the deck so there would be a bow light. The outside access was his idea it just needs to get him to Japan. Thankful for that bit of wise insight!
Tomorrow is sail trial day and filling up with fuel. Thursday is for any final adjustments and whatever other end project suddenly are dropped on me along with the sail sewing. Friday I am leaving on a jet plane…
Even though cold I am looking forward to being home in Japan! Now that is a new and different thought, yet seems perfectly natural.

6 days in Tahiti – day 3

Day 3
I started the day in a foul mood. I was somewhat forced, pressured to go to bed last night with the captain asking me four times when am I going to bed. He is tired, what should that have to do with me? Well now he has taken to sleeping in the cockpit and does not want the light on I guess. Or something, anyway so I turned in early but still awake. Looking at the clouds. At some point it started to rain. The boat cockpit is not full enclosed so I got a little wet , not a lot and it did not last long. Still I got a bit damp but it was pleasant listening to it was not a heavy down pour. Sencho wakes and tells me it is raining, wow really. I ignored him. He went below to sleep. Yay! It stopped raining and he returned. 😦 frack!
Another reason I could not sleep was the boat was re-tied to the dock and made a lot of new loud noises! Therefore I slept very little, the rain came and went two more times. Finally when I had just gotten into a good sleep Sencho wakes me talking loud, what about I do not know. This is more than his talking in his sleep loud talking, it is to me! Part of it had to do with him wanting me to know he had a marine chart and was looking at it! So what?! That has Nothing to do with me or my hired for work tasks! So now I am pissed. I got up and went on the dock to meditate and do Tai Chi, I was in a foul mood.
I later walked to the market to get breakfast. I got some what I thought was going to be coconut water, but was coconut milk drink. Sweet and rich, I think it was part of the reason I started feeling sick from then on. The rest of the day went downhill.
Sencho asks me to please hurry and install the Auto pilot! But that did not stop him from asking me questions or for help with things he was doing. Anyway, the day got hotter, after lunch I got sick, and weak. I tried to keep working , but at one point I did the over the rail lean to spill my stomach. I do nt know if it was from the heat working down in the hole to install the system, the diesel fumes, the roach spray, the lunch /breakfast anyway once everything came out and I took a nap and I felt better and went back to work. I wanted to get the system at least installed to the point I could check and maybe calibrate. I did get a check in. But I could not calibrate, Sencho hanging over my shoulder, I hate that with any kind of work I am doing! Also asking questions while I am trying to understand something.  I will need to figure out why I could not set it up as tomorrows task, then finalize the installation. Then all that is left of my task is to sew the jib sheet cover. I already told Sencho that it is a cover that is torn not the sail, if it rips all the way off it is not big deal. However I will plan on sewing it. Then all that is left of my assignment ( I think) is to help with the sea trial before I leave on Friday morning Yay! Freedom and home! Yeah, it will be cold but still I have some illusion freedom, and can have my own space!
The dock is quiet tonight, no kids, no party, only one person fishing. It is nice and comfortable warm/cool. I sit facing a large cat, and wading in memories.

Six days in Tahiti – day 2

Day 2
I am in a better mood today. Partly because two days are done, with a fair amount of items done, and only four more days to go. I never thought I would be in Tahiti and looking forward to leaving. I am big on having my own space. I did not sign-up to be tied to the boss 24 hrs a day, I was hired for certain jobs.
Another good thing, I found a nice little beach right next door to the marina. A little swimming area, which I doubt I will get to use, but it is there along with spot to practice some Tai Chi and Zazen. 
Sharing a sleeping space really bummed me last night, but what really did me in was moving bedding and there were two roaches! Jhezz! I hate this part. Everything that is moved on the boat uncovers the little critters. Did I say I hate it! 
I have found a bit of solitude tonight hanging on the dock. There are people here, some kids, some adults and kids fishing, some others having a small party/chatting, French is the language in the air. From time to time someone says bonjour, but that is as far as it goes. I can sit quietly to myself and feel like I am off duty. It is my time off the clock, no questions, no details, no figuring translation, zip!
There was rain today. It was refreshing. As much as I love the warmth and heat, it does make one tired, the rain was warm fairly short lived and left a double rainbow. Once everything under the shower was re-fresh , it was gone. I also realized today that sitting all day on a hardwood sit makes one tired as well, there are no cushions on the boat.
Photo Feb 16, 8 56 31 AM
Another bit of good news, there will be a sea trial on Weds, Yokatta! I will get to do a bit of sailing whilst here in paradise. A breath of fun in the 10 hours plus of work days.
I am nodding off from time to time sitting here. I would like to just go to bed, but I will not have the peace. Still I will go try earlier than later. I will not be able to sleep the whole night maybe I will get up early early and sit out here in the quiet of the dawn.
One thing about being in a French country is there is a lot of cheese in the market! Yumm, I have to control that urge. I am hoping to bring some back with me to Japan. It should last the trip back if I buy it late the night before. Once we are on the air it will be much cooler temp to keep the cheese. However I am unsure if I can take some with me on the plane or take it into Japan once there.

Return to Waterworld – 6 days in Tahiti – pt 1

Day 1

As I start write-up this life episode, the little screen on the seat says I am 49 min from Landing in/on Papeete Island, currently at 39004 ft. Months ago, many long months ago, seems like from here, even another life almost, I had thought we would be coming into Tahiti at sea level. All of that is but a distant dream now. The voyage, the Cat, the dream, ces’t la vie.
This is a mixed trip of sorts, flying in, but flying in to work on a Yacht, on a Yacht from Japan. Who would have thought. Life does take some interesting turns ne!
The Captain and I left Osaka without incident and the same with Tokyo. Even though there was a storm in both places the day before. Enough of one in Tokyo to shut down flights. 
I saw pictures people had posted from Tokyo on to Facebook of the snow. Yet when we arrived nothing in sight. Just a bit of rain started as we were taking off. 
Only things of interest in Tokyo, Sencho (the Captain) did not get his bag from the check out after landing domestic before changing to international so we had to get help for that. In my case I did not fill out the departure, return forms and had to get out of line to do that, then I thought I could just go back to the counter, but no I had to go to the end of the line. A bit embarrassing. Oh well, and so starts the Tahiti adventure with the Sencho.
I am here to do some installation work and help with communication as he does not speak English or French. My Japanese is a joke to me, but we’ll see how this goes. I do have an electro-dictionary with me, so, Yosh. It is on. Next writing from on the boat at the local marina.

I have finally gotten some time alone. It has been trying day I feel like I have been indentured. I am called constantly and told things that, I already know, am doing, am trying to do, I do not understand most times. Especially trying my patience is explaining things to me I have already said I do not understand, and I do not know why it does not work. Like, why the toilet is so hard to flush, or why the windows based GPS is only working sometimes. I do not know, it is not my field, I do not understand the long detailed story of how it is not working. The other trying parts are trying to explain something over and over, Oh well, it is only a week … a long week. More training in a sense, i need to think of it as such. I do not care for the bugs (roaches) on the boat, the dirt, trash buildup, diesel smell. Sigh, it has been closed up unused for several months. I will really have earned my week’s pay, it is for real more than an eight hour day.
The night is quiet save for the sound of the honda 2000 generator on the dock and car motors in the distance. I am flooded with memories of living in the marina again, memories both pleasant and sad. I miss my boat. The water looks inviting for a sail. I do not know if we well get out before I leave. I am fairly sure we will once to do some systems check. However, it will surely be just one, because it will be a major hassle getting back and backing into our docking space. Not much side room, not much fairway room. I would not want to do it single handed or even double handed many times, forget many times. Once is enough!
Tahiti, what little I have seen of this island, Papeete, reminds me of a cross between Hawaii and Mexico. The outer parts must be beautiful. Most places were there are not a lot of people are for the most part, even if just in their own way. Maybe I will be able to slip off early some mornings, before the masses, and or Sencho arises and do some nearby exploring.
It is a strange feeling being somewhere these days that does not speak Japanese, Spanish or English. So I am really mostly at a lost for how to ask something. I can kind of figure out what is written in French and sort-of figure out a little of what is said, but not a clue on how to respond. Here at the marina they are all boat people. Well we did speak with a Couple of a Japanese sport fishers on a power boat. Bottom feeders of the boat world. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)
2:30 am,
Can’t sleep another spoiler occurred. I find as I get older it is important to me to have my space. I had planned on sleeping in the boat cockpit . I figured it was like having my own room, it as fairly cool, quiet. I could wake up early and do zazen privately. That was taken away. Sencho saw that wanted to sleep in the cockpit, he decides to also sleep in the cockpit. Thereby canceling ” my space ” . Now he is loudly snoring, I can not sleep! I will need to leave to find spot to do Zazen later. Another ” training ” experience on adapting, flowing and non-attachment! Frack!
Early morning heavy with whispers
beyond sight ocean sounds in the distance
The sky disk lights all

The Zen bike fleet – final edition

From an email i received from LZ whilst I out of town.


Police man called me at work 2 days ago and, I told him
to call back later.
He explain that we can’t use this and ・・・・・・
I said OK, OK,
He said the owner who told him while ago that she didn’t report
called police that the bicycle is her son’s.
Her son didn’t report but actually that is his bicycle.
So police have to return to the owner.
I said OK, but I asked the police, ” That bicycle is woman’s isn’t it?? ”
Then police explain his mother and son live separately and she didn’t
know that is his bicycle.

When the police man called me 2 days ago AGAIN!!! I got a feeling that
the police really really want to take that bicycle back from us, because
they tried to avoid we got 2 bicycle for free, that is sucks for them!

So I believe that is excuse. that is woman’s bicycle.

Police called me to take last night, but it was late and I already changed
the clothing, so I told them to come next morning.
I sat it again and it was much differences and very comfortable,
So it was really sorry to give back to the police.

2 police men came and took it.

Toooooo much hustle and exhausted to talk to them on the phone..

I called later to make sure why I have sign and stamp for the paper,
He explain.
He told me for the last ” please don’t do it again like this kind of stuff
, it will get in trouble… ”
I said ” Please tell me honestly if that it is prohibited to get bicycle from
someone for free, is that true that bicycle is for her son’s? Woman’s bicycle? ”
Police said, ” it is true they made sure her son, that bicycle can be used
for women and men! ”

Long long story.

There is a moral in this story somewhere. Doing the right thing is not always the right thing? Hmmmmmm

The ZenBike-Fleet

We have now a fleet of Bikes! There has been an addition to the fleet of three making it now four. This one has it’s own story although not as complex as the last. 

I got it from the same company. LZ was not completely please with taking over my old bike it was a bit too heavy and tall for her to feel comfortable. I took a look in the yard of the realtor on my way from Kyudo the other day and saw the bikes were still there. I looked over the other bike i had spotted for her. A multi-speed, in fairly good shape. It looked a bit lower sitting wise than my old one. I told LZ we agreed to get it. I would go back to Kyudo the next day and picked up the bike on my way into practice. 
She called the realtor in the morning, thanked him for the other bike and asked could we have one of the others. He agreed readily. So I headed out by train to picked up the bike. Getting it was easy, the tires needed air of course but that was also easy as a station was right on the corner. I took off for Kyudo. The bike road well, and smooth. It felt smaller than mine and lighter, so I thought LZ could handle it. 
As we had been through the procedure with the police already this time the plan was for me to stop at a police station on the way home, have them check out for a stolen bike report give me the info, needed then we could register it.
I passed three Kobans ( police stations) on the way home, no one was in any. Finally close to home I found one manned. I stopped in and with a call to LZ she explained what was needed. They took my info, called the realtor office and I was off to home. Simple, so I thought…
Once home some 2 hours later LZ had received two calls on the bike telling her the progress. They found no stolen bike reports, but they were checking further. (Why, bored I guess, something to do) another hour passes we get another ok, please wait just a bit more. Another 45 min and another call, everything is fine. Talked with the original owner all is well. Please get a new registration. Hello that was the whole point! Anyway. 3.5 hrs later and four phone calls everything was settled with the police check. 
Ok so what is interesting about this is the amount of effort they put into checking on this bike, even after finding there was no report filed. In the states, my friend had his truck and all his work tools stolen. He was told by some people who did it! He knew them! He told the police and they would not even go check it out. Not even investigate the story! Wow, what a difference!

Monthly Zen – Feb

It was so cold, Sensei and I did not expect any others to attend last Friday, however we were wrong. There were 6 of us total. 
Nothing out of the usual other than the cold. It was pretty routine. There was one new guy, and the usual woman did not attend. The second part where the whipping stick is applied, startled me so much I shook with the sound it was so sharp. Even though expected.
I had two discoveries about the temple that day/night. I alway wondered who did the flower arrangment. I find out it is the head monk’s wife. She does it once a month for our visit.
I had been wondering what the monk was talking about when we go into the tea room. I asked Yoh Sensei before hand, as I had a meeting with him at his office before leaving for Zen. He wants me to do some video editing for the upcoming boat show in Tokyo. Cool, a fun job and I can use the funds. So what found out is that as I thought he is not talking about Zazen. He is just chatting. Reason being he does not know or do Zen. I thought this was a Zen temple but no. It is a Jodoshinshu Buddhist temple.
There is an ancient Zen “shrine” or tea house, I am not sure which it is called, on the grounds, but this is not a Zen sect temple we have the meetings in. It seems that the Abbot felt the temple was always a part of the community so he welcome Yoh Sensei to use it for his Zen meetings. Most kind ne! It seems that when Yoh Sensei first became a Master he went to some local Zen temple but they did not have open meetings or the like. 
On another note I took a bike ride up there to the temple last week to do some photo shoots. It was a pleasant day, the last of the warm days spell we had. I got some fair shots, but the heritage grounds were closed so I could not get on to see the old temple, I could only see it from a distance.
Shigataganai.it was still worth the trip.
Oh another discovery I made on the bike trip to the temple is the Jehovah Witness are in Japan . That was a surprise. As i was going home i came across them getting out of their service. I stopped to take a picture of their temple for FB. I did not want to seem weird by just stopping to take a picture. So i was trying to do it on the sly, since they were coming out of church. So i parked in front and was just looking around at stuff, the field, etc. one guy thought i was lost and asked if o needed help. I said no just taking pictures. He spoke in English, which was a surprise. I answered in Japanese I was just doing shashin, which he thought was me saying I was sight seeing. Oh , says he, just sight seeing. Where are you from. Sennan I said , everyone chuckled as I am not far away. They were expecting to hear the states or something. Once they left I got the shot.

I wonder if they knock on doors at o-way to early Sat mornings here also…or is that Mormans?

The tale of two Bikes…final

When I closed the last entry, we had gotten an ok from a bike store to register the new to me ZenBike, upon giving them the name of the policeman who checked out the bike history. 

Upon waiting a couple of days for the policedude to return to work, LZ received a call from him. She said he talked a lot, but finally understood all she wanted, and needed was his name and phone number to give to the bike folks. Ok, it was secured, another step done.
Meanwhile, LZ rode the ZenBike-1 to see if she could get used to it. The day before the police call she rode it to the train station without trouble. I followed on the new 2 me ZB2 ( ZenBike 2). We, she parked next to a little shrine which was next to the train tracks, next to a store that was most times closed. We had seen other bikes park there. So even though I notice there was now a barrier there I gave it only a moment thought, along with noting the “ZenSense” was tingling. We did not park behind the barrier, but next to the building, leaving the space open in front of the shrine. I have noted to self on several occasions when I ignore the ZenSense tingle, it is not pleasant afterwards. This was no exception. When LZ returned from her visit to a friend’s house, both tires were flat. People think that Japanese are all always so polite, kind and helpful….wrong. Many are, but like ALL people, no matter where, there are bad apples. In this case someone had let the air out of the tires on purpose. I am guessing they did not want bike parking there. A Sign, a note would have been kinder. The air thing was just mean. 
LZ walked the bike home, I walked it to the gas station and refilled the tires. They were not cut, thankfully just air let out flattened. Lucky we did not have to buy new tires and that it was not raining. Ok, parking lesson learned.
The next day we rode over to the mall to the bike shop. I stayed outside to watch the bikes whilst LZ went in to advise them of our need. She came out shortly not too pleased. She said at first they said no, they needed such n such. She explained that I was told we just needed the info from the policeman and the guy said ok, bring in the bike. I did so. They were very helpful did the paperwork, even went through a bit a of hassle to remove the old sticker, replaced it with the new, said arigatou, blahblah, and we were done! yaTTa!
Outside LZ says. ” Sugoi! , when they saw it was you, they changed their whole attitude to humble and helpful. They were almost rude at first to me, until they saw it was you with the bike, then sugoi polite! Sugoi American privilege pass! No matter your color! THey also said it was an expensive bike, so you did good picking that one. Yatta!
So ends the tale of two bikes. Now I just need to change the brake pads which are worn out and change the front basket which is rusty and funky. Otherwise I am good to go. Up up and away! Have bike will travel! ZB2 in da hous!

the Musician

With so much unsettled and in-flux, sometimes the Music guy gets lost, hmm set aside not really lost. Goes dormant, like the ceramic potter dude, the creative entity. Yeah that’s it, the Creative Zen Face is hidden behind the mast of surviving. I had not given up hope of playing again just embracing the stillness and trying to be hopeful, In the face of the void. I put out a few feelers for contacts but nothing, zip, nada, zenzen..

A couple of weeks ago a guy contacts me from a local ad. He is looking for some people to start a group. He is also a foreigner, he was relatively nearby. However at the time he wanted to meet I was busy. Also I did not get answers to some questions I had, so I did not put a lot of energy or trust into the plan. I let the day go pass he wanted to met, however let him know that I perhaps was interested for another day, rather than just let him hang. Because that is not how I roll, just leaving people to hang.
So he contacts me a few days later, wants to setup another meet this time with other players. He sends me a list of songs he wants to do. Ok, I look it over and shoot him back a few more questions. It takes him a few days to reply. Hmmm ok. He sends me an updated list one evening, the next day I am told the band is breaking up, not going to happen, internal issues. jheeze ok, my ZenSense was right something was off about this. He writes again wants to know if I will work with him on another project we can collaborate. For me since it is a playing outlet and mostly will be on-line connection, I say ok. A few days later he contacts me again, can I be on standby for another band rehearsal, he is working on gathering some new people? Hmmmm , ok I say. I am free that evening. He gives me a main song he wants to work on for his brother, and I should if I have a chance look over the other songs so we can have something to go through at the two hour session. 
So I wait until the night before the gathering to practice a few of the songs. Just enough to get the structure and feel. Not enough time into it just in case it falls apart I feel like I wasted my time. A couple of songs I am familiar with, a couple I have heard, others no clue. He is into metal, and rock. I have not done rock in years and am not a fan of metal. However as a professional I put my personal taste on hold if I am going to be doing something with a plan for money. So i put more time into the songs I like. I do like some rock, just not metal. The next day I grab some charts, make a few notes, and head off to rehearsal. The gaps I figure can be filled in at rehearsal with the guitar player. So I am on the road.
It is bloody cold heading out. Crimaney! It is over an hour of commute to the rehearsal hall. I have to change train lines a couple of times. Not great fun but, it worked out. I had directions from LZ , still I know to confirm things as I go if in doubt. Good I did, I almost got on the wrong train. However feeling very uneasy I asked. Good thing. I would have went the wrong way. Unlike the guy joke about not asking direction, I have no problem asking. It all worked out and I ended up where I needed to be when I was suppose to be there. 
I waited at the meeting spot for my contact. A short while later his friend shows up. We go to the coffee shop to wait for the leader. The shop has a one drink minimum. 450 yin for a glass of tea. Ouch, itaii! After 800 yin to get there! Ok so the band Kaicho and drummer shows up. He is from Chile his friend the guitarist is from Spain. It was kind of nice to hear and speak Spanish again here in Japan. I am surprised both are married to Japanese, so they say they are stuck here 🙂 . Both have been here for over 8 years. They say it is Very very hard to find, start, keep a band here. Many people do not respond, or show up or whatever. 
Side thought: it could be, keeping , forming a band because I do not think this is a heavy metal/hard rock town. I see a lot of interest in the Blue jams. Also J-pop, seems big, but what do i know, I am a newby and old. 
Anyway we go around the corner to the rehearsal studio. oh, snap a nice place! Several practice/ recording rooms, musicians hangout (young), one can rent anything needed to play or record. Nice setup. We go to our room and get ready. It takes me a bit as I find my batteries are dead! No problem they have some for sale there, or I can rent a Bass to use. I opt to buy batteries. I am using my Bass. One of those I inherited from my late brother. 

So there are two issues I see with the band, right away!
1. They play loud! 
2. I did not bring my ear plugs. 
To me that is one of the draw-backs with Metal it is too loud. The rehearsal seemed loud just to be loud, there was no reason for it. Three musicians in a closed room do not need to play at that volume. I had my bass amp up 1/2 and still had issues really hearing what I was playing or singing. They had ear plugs! It is easy to play loud, just like it is easy to go fast doing Tai Chi or Kung Fu. It takes more skill to go slow, you can not cover your mistakes with speed, you can not cover your mistakes with volume. Ok, that is one of the things I need to bring up at the next gathering. Turn down the volume until it is needed. No need to be loud just because you can. Good music and quality is about controlling dynamics. Not just volume. How can you go louder for effect if you are already loud? If one is deaf from the loudness, going louder has no effect. I did not say anything that night, since I was still adjusting to things and filling a roll for night I figured, I would just roll with it and play.
We play on it goes fairly well, other than the loudness. Did I mention that is was too loud? Way loud, ridiculously loud. I ended up singing a bit which I had not planned on, but still ok, even though my voice is not used to it. I could feel it fight back soon, so I am glad it was only limited. Anyway we got things done it went over all ok. We spoke of getting together again, perhaps with a female singer that they knew. 
There was also some talk of another location which would be closer for me. I was all for that any transportation saving is a good thing. More so when I found I had to pay to use the rehearsal. It is space. It is logical of course. I used the studio amp, however had not planned on that from the beginning.Also not having disposable income surprise payouts is not cool. I had not thought about that since I did not set things up nor was it mentioned, other than there was equipment there I could use. I thought I was sharing someones amp. The last “jam” I went to was someone’s private space we used what was there and it was no cost. Oh well,it was a bit of a shock to come up with more money, but now I know what to expect. I can see rehearsals with this guys will be limited to a couple of times a month max under these conditions. Most of the study work, gathering the ingredients, prepping will be at home to then coming together to do the “baking” so to speak. It does need to at some point develop some cash inflow, it can not be another total cash output. This would not sit well with the “Home Kaicho”!
Now some of the good parts about this is that I do enjoy some good Rock and Roll, I can pick some songs I like of any gentry and do not have to do just metal, hard rock and the like. I would go bonkers with that. Another thing is with just a three piece rhythm section and the guitarist more of a rhythm player than a lead I can use my harmonicas to fill-in. This could turn into fun most times. Now the thing is , can this band get some work, Even the odd job to start then maybe once a month or two months would be great. That will be another issue to deal with down the line. For now, just playing and rebuilding my “chops” will be the task at hand. My fingers hurt, I need to put in some practice time to develop callouses again.
The ride home was long. It started snowing when we came of out the studio. Every time I looked out of the train window I would see snow. It did not bother me that much at first. I was on a musically high, feeling like a musician again! On my last train switch I ended up on the wrong train and ended up going to Kansai Airport! Yuk i missed a change I should have taken. Then when I was riding back from that mistake, I made another and got off a station too soon, so had to wait in the cold for the next train. All the while the time is getting closer to train cut off. 
I finally made it to home station maybe on the last or next to last train. It was a long ride. There was snow everywhere. It had stuck and changed my world into real winter. It was rather pretty I had to admit, bloody cold , but pretty…pretty bloody cold!
The next it rained all day and for the most part got rid of the snow. It did leave some patched beauty around to be enjoyed for a while when one dressed warm enough. 
Dressing warm enough was the key issue for that evening as I find out it is Zen night. However that is another story…

A tale of two bikes …con’t

day later…we have been trying to contact a small local bike shop to get the bike registered. I have taken the rear rack off the old bike and put it on the newer one, changed the rear view mirror, also from the old bike. I have also checked in to a lock. Japan has these lock that fit on to the bike so you always have it and the key stays in the lock until you lock it. Pretty cool and pretty low cost.
I also checked into a new front basket. The old from the other bike will fit, if LZ is not going to use it. We may pickup another bike with a basket from the realtor for her, another multi-speed. We’ll see if it is still there later this week when I go to Kyudo. I was going today but it was/is way too cold, even snowed some , yuk! The plan is once the seat is lower LZ , who is short can ride it. If so we will get her another bike the multi-speed which maybe easier for her to ride in somewhat hilly places. Right now she is riding a 16 in folding single gear bike, with no basket. A bigger bike that can carry maybe better for her. My old one will work, but it is single geared, she would like multi as well if possible.


So we have been calling bike shops, no one answers! We decided to try the bike shop at the mall in the large department store. We had thought to avoid them because figuring they would be less lenient. Turns out we were wrong. They said, yes no problem. Just bring us some ID and the name and phone number of the policeman who checked we can file the license application. We do not issue it, but we can file it. Oh, snap we thought how simple, cool!

this is Japan…
Simple is only in Zen and art, not life
LZ recalls the police, they are like huh?, ok after about 10 min of explaining. They say they will call back, they have no record. We wait, they call. The officer is not today. Then more explaining for 10 min. Ok they said the officer will be in tomorrow, they have to check with him, as there is no other way to know for sure! OMG, there is nothing simple here. They send a man out to check on a bike that called in for information, but there is no report written and turned in, no file! Sugoi! This is why people complain when something big happens in Japan, the system is so complex, and inflexible. Why when the earthquake happened, the Yakuza got help to the people before the government did.
Ok, so I digress. Progress is being made. We can go to the nearby bike store to get registered with no problem. No problem that is once we can give them a name of some policeman who checked that the bike is not stolen as far as can be told..

This is turning into an adventure.