So there seems to be improvement with my Kyudo training. Not a lot but some. Although usually when I think this I find I am wrong. So I will add the disclaimer, limited improvement. I went in to the Dojo last week and did the best shots of the year so far. If I recall I got one hit out of every four. Even the first shot of the year was a hit, but I digress because I said that already in another post. Today was better. Yatta!

But first…
I decided to take my home practice Yumi in for the Kaicho to check it out. I got it really cheap on Yahoo auctions. About 80 dollars. It is Carbon and is a draw weight of 13.5. Not a ninsun the next one down . It is a decent bow. It does however have some damage to the wood veneer surface. It is covered with a strip of tape at the spot. I wondered if it could be repaired. So I took it in. The Kaicho looked it over and said no. If it was Bamboo ok, it could be fixed, but not Carbon. It was not that big a deal I could wrap the spot in fishing line, or epoxy it, wrap and paint. As it is Carbon, I can still use it for practice. Not a big deal. Ok so I feel relieved, somewhat at least. I can continue to get my use out of it, until …
Since I had it with me today I figured I would shoot. I had only used it for a Makiwara til now. I actually like the weight, but not the thinness, narrowness of the Yumi itself. Anyway I shot with it the whole practice period. My first set of shots I got three out of four, with the fourth just on the edge. I was Jazzed. Yeah baby yeah! The rest of the 3 groups, there was only one group I did not make a hit. It was a good day. I did not get advised today by the Kaicho, only a sempai. I was leaving when the Kaicho was coming back from lunch. So I did not get my buzz grounded.
I used some Tiger Balm on my shoulder, that combined with the lighter Yumi made for a relaxing shoot today. I was told by Sempai a few things I need to work on. Keeping more power in my arms so they do not drop at Hanare. draw with my body not my arms. This I am really struggling with, I do not seem to get it. I keep focusing on my back but I am told I am not there yet. Still I need to use my body. When I watch people do it, they seem no different from what I am trying to do. I do notice it is easier to focus on trying to work the body with a lighter Yumi. The 15 I can open, even a 18 but, I guess I do it wrong. 
Ok, so my home practice will continue with working the body to open the Yumi and of course tenouchi. One other thing Sempai mention which I have heard before is open my right atm on release the same line as the arrow. I guess I am going over the top of the line and not on the front line. This apparently breaks the flow. 
So still a lot of work, but at least I am back to banging the mato more. So maybe, maybe I will be ready by summer to test. After so many downers, losses, bummers, disappointments, last year, I need some win time…yosh!

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