Jan 2014 – this n that, that n this

Next month, Feb, I am off to Tahiti to work. A friend we met in Alameda is hiring me to travel there for a week to help setup his boat for the trip back to Japan. Pretty cool since I always wanted to see Tahiti, we never made it to the Pacific puddle jump and it is basically a free trip. How cool is that. Also I get to do a bit of sailing whilst there. My friend does not speak English, the workers there in Tahiti do, my Japanese is weak but better than his English. We went this past Sunday to his place to see how well we can communicate without LZ translating. I got the jest of what he was saying with him drawing illustrations of what he wanted me to do. I think it will be ok, kind of the jump in deep water and learn how to swim after learning how to tread water and do a breast stroke thingy. It will be an adventure.

So I got the run down on what will be my tasks in Tahiti, my flight info and we had some sweets from Kyoto. A Mocha mochi filled with cocoa and strawberry paste. Hmmmmm hmmm good! Afterward we went to lunch.

Also this week I had another trial Chan and Kung Fu class. We rode our bikes over to the big mall where the class is held. it is nice Japan is a bike friendly country. I have seen several mall shopping center bike parking locations that have free air stations for bikes. In the states one has to buy gas in order to get free air or give up the cash! 
Sadly, very sadly the two people who signed up for Kung Fu cancelled and the person from the last demo did not sign-up. So there was no Kung Fu… depressing. It is not really a good time spot the culture center has me in, so it has been agreed to try running it on a Sat evening in the spring. We’ll see. There is an interest, as the guy who was at the last demo studied some Kung Fu with friends somewhat locally, however the time spot was conflicting with his work.
There were several people who signed up for the Chan meditation class demo. Of the four of them who signed up, one stated she was only there because it was a free demo. The other three…i did not get the vibe that they were all that interested. They put down on the evaluation sheet they are considering it still. 
The cultural center will not let me run a Tai Chi class because there is one already and there is only 6 people in it. We were told if there was 15 or so, then I could run another class. They do not see the logic of having another class at a different time to increase the possibility of more interest.
Sigh, this is going to be a bigger challenge to get going, more than showed at first light. I will need to set out on my own more to find students and go to another location.
From some information from a friend we located a local “silver center” here in our town. What they do is find light/temp and p/t work for retired people. Things such as trimming trees and bushes, sweeping leaves and trash. Directing traffic, parking bikes, data entry, child care, senior care, grounds patrol. That sort of thing. 
I was hesitant to go, as my Japanese is not that good. However LZ thought I should go, and register as they may have some work that does not need a lot of speaking or comprehension. I had nothing to lose so off we went.
Orientation was today. LZ filled out the paperwork, and we sat through a video and lecture. Some of the video I could follow what was going on from just watching. The lecture which was basically read from a handbook, which everyone had a copy, I got none of what was said. LZ can give me the short of it. Sounded like rules, conduct, pay scale, that sort of thing.
As I said one of the positions, temp jobs listed is tree and garden trimming. As it turns out there is a free training class near the end of the month. I am enrolled in it. I asked if it was difficult, the guy told me no, it was artistic, and with my background I should be ok. I should take it he said. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained. It will be a new skill I can take with me, even if I need to take the class (1 day of training) a couple of times to get the hang of it and understand. It is free so no big deal. I can meet some new locals, and maybe get some work this spring, along with teaching some sailing. I like doing the gardening trimming, I can use the skill on my own garden maples, and bamboo and as said, increases,my chance of finding some p/t work as my language skills improve…yosh.
My music life is zip so far here. I took my Bass with me when we went to visit my Tahiti connection just in case I had the chance to jam a bit with the lady friend of our boat friend. It was a chance to try out my Bass travel bag if nothing else. 
The lady friend plays sax, however there was no time to get on that wagon. So we agreed for another time. Beside getting some work this year, and my San-dan, it would really really make my year to get some musical hookup. I know a few musicians and where there is a monthly Jam, but one of the down-sides of living in the countryside is the travel cost to someplace like Kobe where the music is going on.
In closing this post just for the record, I am more than tired of winter and More than ready for Spring.
I hear though that even even Alameda is feeling the cold grip of winter this year. I am sure it will not get better as climate change gets a stronger grip.
So that is it for the local news.
If you can not help someone, at least do no harm. _/|\_

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