what difference a yr makes.

Last year this time we had sailed part way down the coast of Cal. We were at the midway mark of northern and southern Cal. We spent the season in a little town called Morro Bay. I was just looking over my blog from that time. We arrived just before Christmas and had not really planned on spending the Holiday there, but due to the weather we had no choice. 


On checking the blog I see no entry for holiday season , just before and just after only. If I recall correctly we did have some electric problem at the Morro Bay Yacht club so no internet. Also the area must not have been impressive with decorations because I took no pictures of lights. There were some at the Yacht club we stayed at but as said , there was some electric issues so the light were off on the building. We did however have a decoration on the ZenCat which had forgotten.

I remember we walked around town some, ate at some small local place , but mostly on the boat as we had to watch our cash flow. Our friend on our buddy boat had taken off for their family’s home for the holiday. Our plan was kind of if there is good weather we would leave to go more south. That never happened as we were hit with storm after storm while there. There were two other boats there with us during the holidays. One female sailor we did not really know or hang with and one other couple who we became good friends with later on when we crossed paths again further south in San Diego then Mexico. Life taken some interesting turns and changes with the people you meet, more so in water world.
Funny did not even think about being in Japan this year for the holidays and was really in the moment of being there. It was not unpleasant, but not pleasant either. We were in a void there. Waiting for better weather and the Tao to say go. As it turns out it was good to wait as we had company all the way to LA once we did get under way. It was not all that pleasant of a trip it was good to have some company with more experience than us. Not that we had any danger or real problems, still it was over all nicer to have a buddy boat along for the moral support.
Now we are in Japan, for the most part settled. With the events of the past couple of weeks, the passing of Nogami Sensei, who we would have most likely had not seen again if we had continued the sail from Mexico. Also with LZ’s mother going into the hospital it is fortunate we are here now to help. Otherwise I feel we would have been delayed in Microindonisa until spring which would have been a big problem. As it is LZ can pretty easily go help and take some of the strain off her sister, beside the stress of not being here when the illness happened and having to fly here to help. Anyway it all worked out for the best even with our lost. There is Yang with in Yin.

With the new year ahead, year of the horse approaching, which is supposed to be a much better year for me, being born in Year of the Tiger, there are some positives opening appearing. It looks like my water world days will be re-starting. I have been offered a teaching position with Aoki Yachts. They will also give me a discount on getting my Japan sailing certificate which is needed here. This means I can not only teach sailing here but I can sail on my own if I am lent, rent or by a boat. I have heard of people getting basically free boats sometimes. Who knows as my connections increase what the tide will bring.
The meditation class seems like with be a go for next year, even there is some interest in the Kung Fu class. This is a good thing and makes my spirit better. It will take some effort but i think i will be able to get the Tai Chi class in operation as well. I have found a place to teach it is a matter of raising students.
LZ has found some local free Japanese classes in the area. This will be helpful not only for my speaking skill but for english speaking contacts, who may wish to take Tai Chi classes. So that could be a double benefit. We’ll see.
I think I have found the secret for surviving the winter. Dress indoors like I am going outdoors in winter in Cal. Dress for outdoors here like I am going outdoors in Canada. Maybe not that extreme but, you get the idea. Key word…Layers!

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