R.I.P. Sensei

I received a call from Yamashita Sensei tonight. Well really L.Z. got a call. We missed the first call and he left no message. She thought it was nothing to important because no message. I felt uneasy. When she called him back he was gone and not home. She thought he was contacting me about the closing of the Dojo for the holiday. I thought it was something else. Something not so pleasant. I was hoping it was just about if I was going to be there before the end of the years session or meeting up with him after the New Year. This is what I was hoping, but I sensed something else. I had LZ. recall. again no answer, he was out, but she left a message. 

Yamashita Sensei called later this evening. I did not understand what was said,… but I knew it was not good. As I thought Nogami Sensei had passed away. It had happened last week on the 15th. I recall thinking about that time, on calling just to check in. The family had kept it quiet for small family ceremony and Yamashita Sensei just found out about it as well. He knew Nogami Sensei and I had a connection, as Nogami Sensei had called him to help me at the new Dojo. So he called me. I am sad tonight, on one level, on another not. The lost of a great Sensei, I had wanted to see again is sad. The Zen thing about going to a more spiritual place, makes it not sad. I am pleased and honored to have met Sensei and trained even briefly with him. With the warmth he carried in his heart and showed to his students I know his spiritual Karma carried him to a peaceful place. 
It is very fortunate that we did make it back to Japan in time that I at least got see him a couple of times. Also to see his pleasure that I was still training and his efforts and guidance was not wasted.
R.I.P. Sensei I will always be grateful and honored to have met you …again. Arigatou gozaimashita! _/|\_

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