Rainy days…

With the rains upon us here in Osaka, I had not been keeping the two times a week Kyudo training I planned. With the rains and cutting back on spending, I felt i needed to go in on this Thursday past. I bit the bullet and rode the train. We had a little extra money come in and I spent less than my allowance. So I did a rainy day splurge and rode the train. 

It had been such a long time I got off at the wrong station riding the semi express I thought I past my station but no, I was off early instead of late. Anyway it was a good refresher on train riding 101.
It was kind of nice walking in the light rain to the Dojo, the park is pleasant no matter the season. Different from the summer and autumn my last visits. So it was nice to see yet another face of the park. I also recall the common saying Japan has 4 seasons. Not that other places do not also, but for some reason Japanese think it is a big deal and that only theirs are four real seasons.
No matter. I went to the Dojo, I got there just at lunch so basicly I was alone at least for a while. It always hits me as strange when I hear people talking and my name come up.
Mostly because I do not think some people know my name, but then when I hear it used it surprises me. Speaking of which i just received my name tag for my Yumi when i leave it there at the Dojo. Kind of cool, really gives me that this is my home Dojo feeling.
Anyway once the Senseis showed up again I recieved some pointers. I was dropping my daisan instead of drawing on the line of the ya, I was lowering it from Uchiokoshi to Daisan. Easy fix. The hard thing is still tenouchi. Even if I hold my hand and fingers correct I still can not get descent “spin”. I got a better one when I held my tenouchi wrong, l but now that it is mostly correct, the “yugaeri” (spin) is weak, very weak. Sigh. I have lossen my grip on the Yumi, because in order to hold it like I am supposed to my bones and joints do not bend that way. Unless I really relax my hand grip. Which seems weird but that seems to be the only way I can hold the fingers in the form, position I am shown. On the other hand , the looseness does not seem to be an issue with the masters. 
Part of the weirdness it is directly in contrast with what my ex-Sensei in Ca told me about keeping the inside line of my palm on the Yumi. Here basically the only parts holding the Yumi are the inside skin of the thumb and the two lower fingers, mostly the small one. I was told the thumb skin and the little finger act like the hing of a door letting the Yumi swing. The inside of the palm should not be touching the Yumi there is this space for the Yumi to rotate. However I do not seem to be able to generate enough power, force, energy to spin the bloody thing. If i twist my wrist I can get more , but I am not suppose to break, misalign the thumb wrist forearm straightness. It is a quandary. I will keep at it until it clicks.
I guess it is on the line of my Kung Fu Shifu saying practice a kick or punch or whatever 1,000 times, you will get it.
With the Bamboo Mantis Hidden Makiwara Kyudojo now operable I can practice here at home unless it is raining. I also now have a lighter Yumi for home practice. It is usable but does have a blemish, small surface slit, chip . It does not seem to be deep enough to cause a problem when shooting. Maybe I will see about having if repaired later, or just use it until it becomes an issue and then just get another. The people I purchased it from just put some tape on it. Which keeps one from getting a puncture, or cut or hand tear from grabbing it wrong. Anyway, it was only 8300 yen, and it had a numbers of bidders from the the 100 yen it started from. Anyway it works for my simple home practice setup. The lighter power works easier on my shoulder for long practice and the less penetration for the hay bale. Also being a namisun it is easy to handle around here in small quarters.
It is also good timing to have the setup as I found out the Dojo will be closed from Dec 26 to Jan 12 for the New Year holiday. Therefore all my practice will be at the home dojo. Yokatta to have it!
Also ready to go for the New Year 108! Yosh!
BtW: doubtful if I will be posting again until after Christmas maybe even until after the 108, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Zen Clan.

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