All days are good…

In the Zen philosophy, things are not good or bad, it is our perception of them. Like Monday is just Monday it is how we look at it that labels it good or bad. So with that thoughtall days are good…however some are better than others.


A prime example is today. Several good things happened. Which was excellent because I needed some good things going down for a change.My Mother-In-Law went into the hospital a few days ago. The doctor gave her too strong a prescription. Lousy Doc. Anyway we find out today she is recovering quickly for the side effects of that, very quickly. Yokatta!

Next I get an email from Aoki Yachts School with an offer for an instructor position! LZ and I had just discussed if it was going to be worth it for me to renew my certificates with ASA for next year, with no work in sight. Also I checked on the cost of getting a Japanese boating licen$e, again with no job, no boat, little hope that seemed a far reach. 
I did re-take on the mantle of Vice-Commodore for the International Yacht Club as a way to keep some interest, a toe in the water so to speak, active with Water world. Mostly I am working with developing their website and Facebook page. PR stuff still it is something boating related. Gives me some glimmer of hope to having a boat again. So the job offer was excellent news! yatta!
I held my first Chan Meditation class today also my first Kung Fu class. Both went well. They were both introductory classes, but people turned out, a few but still some is better than none. The report from LZ is I got great feedback. Plus two students who could not make it today will be there for the start of formal class in January. Another Yatta! I feel like I have some worth again.
My Christmas present to myself was a used Yumi, light draw strength. I wanted it for the Bamboo Mantis Hidden KyudoJo. Not as much power to overload the straw hay bale and my shoulder for the New Year’s 108 shoot. Now I can practice longer periods right at home. Then go to the Dojo to get serious for the Spring/Summer. I am still hopeful for the Oceanic event in April. If not June is my secondary goal.
Oh one more item of good news. I went with LZ to the The Doctor for our blood pressure meds. I dislike meds, but…
Anyway we went to a new guy, an old specialist LZ found. He reduced my meds and strength. My pressure was low. Maybe the steady meditation is paying off, better diet away from western foods and the bike riding, walking and daily cocoa drinks. Yatta. So it was a good day. I needed it. We celebrated before the doctors news, with eating at the mall where I held the classes. They have a food restaurant section. ( food court) Good shops from good restaurants on a small scale, reasonable prices. I had kitsune udon and some tempura veggies. Yum!
Yes, some days are better than others.
What I need now is to hook up with some musicians, that would be off the hook cool!

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