What a long strange trip

What long strange trip its been…


This week was the one year anniversary of our leaving Alameda and the start of the Pacific Eco Passage . Looking back at times it does not seem real that we really had a sailing life. Lived on our own 30 ft boat for almost two years. Traveled down the coast of CA in the winter and stayed in Mexico for four months. Wow. Mexico was relaxing, but I recall always having the sense we have to move on. It was more comfortable at the hotel Marina, still I felt in a holding pattern. In hind sight the only thing I would have changed is leaving when we did. I felt the rush to get out there before we felt forced to spend the summer there with hurricane season upon us. 

What would that have changed, maybe nothing, maybe saved our boat or lost our lives, one never knows. The autopilot, still would have given out. The rudder perhaps would have still broke. We could have also run into worse weather. There were a lot of serious storms this year out there. Even some very experienced sailors we knew had issues. Then too some very novice sailors,more so than us, made the trip with no problems. Well, our “Karma” I guess. Not really the right use of the word, but for the lay folks it is understood. Another thing, with the the recent illness of my mother-in-law, if we had not been here now, by leaving when we did, would we have been here “now”. LZ was able to go help. Not so easy from out there. Then there is our home, we got a good deal on renting this house, in a affordable area and the kind of place we wanted. The last affordable place of this type in the area it seems. Sooo, there have been some positives out of the negative. The Yang within the Yin.


It is a challenge at times to focus on those positive maybes, and not the negative facts. From a Zen mind it would be facts as I am perceiving them. In Zen thought everything is nothing but our perception of it. There is the old Zen or Taoist story about the farmer, who’s reply to everything that happened to him, when people said wow you were lucky or unlucky was “Maybe” or “we’ll see”. I can see that, with all the events of the last year leading to here. Now life is rebooting…
“Sometimes the light all shining on me
other times I can barely see
lately it’s occurred to me
What a long strange trip it’s been
…Grateful Dead”




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