Something completely different – Enlightenment

It started as a somewhat early day. I needed to go pick up a bike given to us., now located at a nearby marina. I was up a o-dark thirty anyway because I needed to call to CA to speak with my ex-employer about a boat part for one of our new friends. Well after I did a few morning things and re-crashed for a short nap I headed out.
The marina is only about three stops from our place so not a big deal. I wanted to check out the pawn shop that was at that station anyway. It was a small bummer it was closed. However I was able to memory mark it’s location for my bike rides home from the Kyudojo. The trek takes me just one block away. So made note to self to stop.

I had directions on how to get to the marina. The problem most times is, on the map it looks like a big street, in real life it is like a side street, at least when looking through stateside eyes. It was not a biggie because I knew the general direction, and headed towards it. The easy part about going to a marina is once you find the large body of water the rest is fairly simple.
I walked through some side/main streets and came across a little out of the main drag mall playing Christmas songs. That kind of threw me off as it is not even Thanksgiving. 
Later I recalled there is no Thanksgiving in Japan. I walked on. Finally came within almost seeing range of the marina. I asked a passing guy about which way to go, since I had to get to the other side of the expressway. He gave me directions back to the train station! After I corrected him on where I was going it was simple. Ok, so next stop was at the main gate of the marina/fishing complex. I looked, and looked figuring out which way to go. Looking for something familiar since I had been there before. Nothing clicked. A traffic guard was checking me out as I started in the complex, then felt it was wrong and went back, looking somewhat confused. The guard said he could help and did so after I showed him the name of the place I wanted. He got me on the right track.
I followed his direction and came across the first real yacht marina I had seen since arriving in Osaka. Big club house, locked gate$, slip$ with power, it looked like $an Diego. However it was not where I wanted to go. I figured out what I wanted was next door the fishing harbor.
I found my friend’s boat, then after a few phone calls found him down on our other friend’s boat. Once we met up, he took me aboard his boat. I had found out our first meeting he played Shakuhachi. He asked me did I bring mine. I said no, next time. I did not think about it since I thought he was planning on heading home once he gave me the bike our mutual friend gave to him for me. 
However he brought out his Sakuhachi and played a few short songs for me. He showed me the written music in Japan and how it corresponded to western notes. I also saw a finger chart for the note on the Sakuhachi. It was interesting. I can play but I am not trained. So I just play for me, made up songs unlike him who can play actual Japanese songs. However now armed with this info once home I did some research on keys, notes and the like for our next encounter when I have my gear. Even if I cannot play the song, I can Jam along. 

Once that was done, we got the bike ready for me to take home. While preparing to go I encountered another person I knew from Aoki Yacht school. I yelled a few words of greeting to him on his boat as I was leaving. The new bike, was not as I hoped for with shiftable gears, which would make my Kyudo Commute easier, but it would do for LZ to run her errands on and for us to ride together some places, or the hills in case of a Tsunami ( just saying). So I started the trip home. I took my time and went a few off the main track places to explore since the day was nice and I had time.

Once I arrived home LZ came in shortly afterwards from work. She said Onei-chan was going to give me a larger bowl for my water plants and some fish which would come later. There was someone in the hood moving and she was off to get a couple of bowls. After a small meal Onei-chan shows up and gives me a nice replacement bowl for my too small bowl. Now I am set and can add some small fish later. However I have told, I must put the fish indoors until spring because the cold would kill them. LZ was not pleased with that idea, but it was worked out how it would fit without disrupting her interior design plan. I did not really want to deal with an indoor tank either but it will only be for the winter so not so bad…I hope. Although, since our house is wood and gets no sun, some days it is warmer outside than inside. On top of that the heater that we will be getting will not be run all the time or even where the tank will be kept most of time. So I may need to be shuffling fish around or get a small electric tank heater and light for the plant. Hmmm. Money output, on the other hand, with the right placement Feng Shui speaking it could help bring in some money, so that is a consideration. A small tank heater and small lights can not cost that much to buy and run. I can stop at a on the way home from Kyudo shop and check. A nice little benefit from the biking ride is discovering these local shops.
So towards the end of the day I did some more garden work, whilst LZ took off on her bike.
I installed the new mini-pond. Added a couple of large accents stones, hunted and gathered from the hood, and pulled some weeds. Then headed off to a new spot I discovered and did some Tai Chi and three sectional staff practice. One of the reasons I started Kyudo was to better my Kung Fu skills. While practicing the 3-section it came to me I should follow the same philosophy when practicing this weapon as I work toward when doing Kyudo. Doing the same exact things as far as positioning in order to hit target each time. Here I needed to move these three chained together sticks around, swing them, have them wrap around my body at some location and catch the loose end section before it smashed painfully into me. What I had been doing was to swing /wrap them, then use my arm/hand to catch/stop them wherever they went once wrapped around me. The better way would be to wrap them in a spot each time so the end would land in my hand. I would not have to seek it out, by looking, or feel for it. It would just be there, because of the alignment, all the crosses were as they should be. All the basic points, lines, crosses, etc were in place, so instead of the target being some distance mato, the target is my hand. The body spot would change depending on the wrapping location arm, neck, waist, shoulder, but it would be the same spot at a different location each time. Like a flower, Enlightenment bloomed, I was blinded by the light and the sweet perfume.
One could say I became enlighten from Kyudo. I could take this another step while thinking of it, and expand that crossing all the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s” thing from Kyudo, even Kung Fu to another level and apply it to life and living. Maybe I could start a new Religion! Call it the Church of Holy Zen Kyu Do. , yes yes, that is the way. This is the true way readers, I just heard the voice from heaven. Join now and be saved. Send 25.00 via paypal to receive, your brochure, membership card, an official ceremonial duct tape Yumi, and a picture of the Right Rev. Master suitable for framing. Act now while supplies last.
About 1 hour after I finished receiving the blessing of enlightenment and returned home from practice. A major thunder storm rolled in ( a sign no doubt) . I could not believe the noise. I thought someone was moving something…something large! Shortly after I figured out it was a storm about to hit and started to be concerned about LZ getting back home from her trip to the mall on her new to her bike. A few minutes later she rolls up to the gate. Once she was inside in house the rain poured! Great timing all the way around. Sometimes things just work, more so no doubt when you are an enlightened Master of the Church of Holy Zen Kyu Do.
We settled in for a hot meal of fish, rice, salad from the garden, natto, and green tea. Listened to classical music on the ipod, and burned green tea incense. It was a day to be grateful for presents received.

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