Friends …part 2

We went out again today for lunch with friends. We are in the mist of a flurry of social activity two outings within a few days of each other. Wheeew ! 🙂

We met up with our oldest Yachting friends in Japan for lunch at a local organic bakery. They had spoken to us about it on several occasions, this was the first free time they had to get away. The place is just two stops from our train station and two stop from theirs in the other direction so half way for both of us. It was a good day for being out weather wise and the walk from the station was good. 
The place is a little hideaway. They bake their bread and cake items and serve a great lunch. All for the outrageous price of $10.00 . The place to me does not have the feel of being in Japan , more like being in Berkeley or some parts of Oakland. The background music was Boz Scaggs doing some vocal jazz standards. The food was a fusion of western and Japanese. Also in good portion!
We sat and chatted for a couple of hours, then purchased few bread items to go. It was a pleasant afternoon.


Other than an up coming visit to my friend’s Zen center this Sat, I think this/that will be the end of our social calendar for this month. Even though very cheap it stresses our limited budget. However we will see what the tide brings in as the colors of Autumn start to filter into the trees of Sennan

2 thoughts on “Friends …part 2

    • I am hoping to get some good pictures this year. We are not too far from the mtns and there are a lot of shrines around here. maybe I can a have autumn shrine series.

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