Kyudo roots…Growth conditioning

Today I biked over to class again. My time is down from 2 hours to just under 1.75 hr. that should improve down to 1.5 hr each way. Faces at the Dojo are becoming familiar now as is mine I suppose. There was another Sensei there today in addition to the Kaicho and others. He was the man who spoke to me the first time I attended class, he was only there briefly then took off. I am fairly sure he is the Sensei from the Shrine dojo, Kashita, where I was rejected. He spoke again today, a friendly attitude, more so than just someone who has only seen me once or twice. So I am guessing it is him, I had a good look at him this time since I was not being distracted by the newness of the Dojo and people at Kishiwada. No other meaning than that pretty much solves that mystery of who was that guy? Next time I see him I will ask him for clarification


Another change in shooting today and I guess more progress. I did not have my Tenouchi corrected, so I think I am getting it fairly correct now. That is at least the left hand. Today my right hand was worked on. I was told to hook my thumb more, let my two fingers just drop/hang over the thumb and twist as I pull. Do not grip, lock the Ya with my hand. Do not grip the string with my hand, let the glove and the twisting do the work. My arm and hand should be totally relaxed as I go into Hikiwake, elbow doing the pulling. Do not bring the arm/hand back across my shoulder, that is the way to get hit with the string. The old way is to grip the string and the ya, not done anymore. Lastly my arm should swing out, not over on Hanare. This is why I am having pain in my shoulder I am told. All that along with draw more with the body.
Wheww, a lot of info, but just what I wanted from study in Japan. I have not even thought about going to the targets. At this stage for me they have no importance. My roots structure is my big concern. As I tell my Kung Fu students, the better the roots, the stronger the tree, the prettier the flower, the sweeter the fruit.
The biking trips to class are worth the effort for train fare savings, re-invested in more class attendance.
On another note with the biking, they have taken on sort of a Zen practice feeling. No thought about how far I have gone, have to go, just where I am now, at that one moment, and I write this it is also the same mind when doing my Kyudo practice at this point. No thought about testing, hitting the mato, just what I am doing at that moment, and doing it with harmony of all parts. Kyudo is not Zen, but one can find Zen within Kyudo.


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