So I was riding my bicycle back from Kyudo practice. Did I mention it is a 10 mile each way ride?! I came upon two guys who looked like late high schoolers/ young college age on those 20 inch folding bikes.. We met at an intersection of sorts. One guy went ahead of me, the other gave me a signal to go in front, I wave thanks and did so. Mean while he was pointing at my bike/Yumi ( bow) and saying something I did not get, but thought it was about something coming loose. I gave myself and equipment a quick once over and kept on rolling. Now I am inbetween the two guys. We bike on for a short while. I see the rear one coming up on the side via my mirror. I pull over just a bit to let him pass. He does not, he pulls alongside me and says something to the effect of, wait a moment I have a question, pointing at the Yumi, so I thought. Being the nice person I am I stopped and prepare to be asked about Kyudo or something. The Guy reaches in his jacket and pulls out his wallet and flashes his police Badge! Oh Snap! I am shocked a kid with a badge!
He asked me what is it I am carrying, a Kyudo Yumi I say, then he asked about where I practice, and about the bike sticker, registration and my License. Ehhh, I say my license? You mean my ID? Now the partner has joined us, and they both have their radios out. he says yes your ID. Growing up a person of color in the Land of the Free I know about carrying appropriate paperwork. Also I had heard about the Local cops doing random checks of Gaijin on bike licenses. However I was a bit surprise in this small town. We have a term in the states for DWB ( driving while Black) or WWB ( walking while Black) here I guess it is BWF ( biking while foreign ) although I do know someone who was stopped three times walking in his own neighborhood. So WWF .
Regardless I was ready, I whip out everything, they check it out, and are pleased, smiling the whole time. A couple more questions about Kyudo they thank me and are off. Wow, who knew Japan has baby faced undercover bicycle cops!

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