In joy there is sadness – stuff

In joy there is sadness, I am sure I have said this before. A Zen master told this to me, told to him by his Zen master. There visual graphic of this is the Yin/Yang symbol. With in darkness there is light, within light there is some darkness, or negative within positive.

We received our shipment of stuff the other day. It had been almost a year since it was packed up an sent to storage. Almost 11 months to narrow it down. It was a big job to move things in a pack it all into our small new home. It was like an early Christmas getting of stuff. Little treasures, things forgotten, things looked forward to seeing again, memories. 
It a way it was kind of overwhelming having that much stuff after being without for so long. An example is the amount of clothes I have. When I was working as a designer I needed to dress more, when I worked as a manager I also needed to dress more. When teaching almost everyday I needed a regular change. Then after being a sailor, a clerk in a recycled boating supply outlet, and an asst Harbormaster, and a sailing instructor I needed to dress up rarely. Now after being a sailor on the sea and living on a boat for over a year and a half. I needed less clothes and got used to it. Now, not working, and very little need to dress up , almost none and doing without for so long it seems silly to have so much. I was given three dress suits, I have three dress overcoats, dress shirts, etc, etc. the sweaters will come in handy, as well the warmer clothes, but I should do a re-evaluation on my current dress needs.
On other items, I have a load of music CD’s and VcR tapes with nothing to play them on. It is nice to find that my stereo works here, so having music on demand it great, as Japanese broadcast radio sucks. However I wish I had kept my VCR player to watch some of my old collection from time to time…maybe. I do have DVD’s I can watch on the laptop and play my CD’s there as well, besides having a large collection on my iPod which plays via the stereo so I can rock the house when I want. That may freak out the hood though 🙂
I am hopeful my Bass amp works here as well. Although, I am bandless. Which is one of those dark spots, one of those sadness points. The band, music activities I had hope for have more or less fizz out, at least without a car. The two places I can go to at least get in some Jam time are about two hours by train, at a cost of around 20.00. At lot of cash on a low fixed income for two. Then there is the even if I can land a gig, the trains stop at 12:00 am , how will i get home, much less with my equipment. I can make my rig portable, but there is still the train issue.
Also nice to get all my Kung Fu equipment. Now I can round out my practice and get my weapons skills back on par. The weapons give practice time a little more flavor, spice. So now with that stuff and my music equipment, books, CD’s, ceramic, prizes, the ManCave is up and running.
Anyway, it was nice to get our stuff, now if completes the move and we feel like we are finally all here. Having things of memories around gives one a homie feeling. At the same time after unpacking it is more noticeable this things that were lost on the boat. That brings back its own sadness besides the ZenCat lost in itself.
So the move is done and now to adapt the changes those planned and perhaps more importantly those that were unplanned…reality.

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