Organic powered urban transport

The Environmental neutral socially correct human organic powered recycled urban transport vehicle, which I call the ZenBike was purchased today and immediately became a fully functional prime player in the Zen clan urban mobility platform by relocating the Team Zen leader from Kyudo practice to home base in an 1.5 hour, 9 mile premier transport endeavor. It was a successful mission. This means now with some effort and dedication I can attend Kyudo practice twice a week for half the price of before paying training fare. I get in more practice and get in some cardo-work and leg work. It is a win win situation until it rains or some other foul weather event.


On the subject of Kyudo, I received more instruction on my Tenouchi, first from Watase-sensei, then more clarification from another. I think I figured out what is what now. I was told on a couple of occasions to straighten my arm at Daisan then keep that into Kai with the elbow out not down. Watase-Sensei said, elbow should be down in Daisan so the shoulder doesn’t rise, like what you are doing, then in Kai push with the thumb, “tiger’s mouth” rotate the elbow out and straighten the arm more. The Ya should rest on the base thumb bone. Also I should maintain the Jumonji more (better). So I went back to the Makiwara to practice instead of at the mato. Another Senior helped me. I think I understand now, he also had me turn my wrist more to bring the thumb under the Ya and push. Of course understanding and doing are two different things, so I need to put in some practice on that. I have a large Gomeyumi I can work with that may help some until I can get back to the Dojo later this week or early next. I have to miss class training on Thurs, because our shipment is do in from the States, yay! Finally! 
Good timing on that, warm clothes, another blanket, my instruments, books, music, and Kyudo gear. It will finally feel like we are settled in our new home. If feels more that way now anyway, since we have it more outfitted, but the addition of our “stuff” will top it off. Still I will miss the things lost on the ZenCat and have to remember to keep a non-attachment mind.
Otherwise beside the lack of a job, other than an offer to go to Tahiti for a week in Feb, things are well. Even as another Typhoon approaches Japan. It has been almost one after another this season. If we had continued the crossing this would have been the time we needed to be heading to Japan or spend the winter in Micronesia. As sad as the lost is, this may have been the best path.

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