Return to Nature

I spent two or three days this week watching the TV show the Walking Dead. It was good! We got a free month of a movie internet service, so I got my TV / Movie fix on. After a solid couple of days of that I needed a break….seriously.

I headed out to hunt and gather. What you may ask…Well to start, rocks. I headed to the local beach which is covered with rocks. These are for my Zen garden. The rocks are fairly big river rocks, they work for lining and covers. I will finish up with small pebbles once we can spurge the funds, or put in beach sand. Which I can gather from another location.


While at the beach I took time to smell the roses, as it is said. In this case it is smell the ocean. It was nice to just sit near the water again and reflect. It is also nice to be so close to the water only about 20 min of walking. There was however a moment of sadness, seeing the sailboat tied up in the little fishing harbor, and wondering where the ZenCat is and all that was lost. If setting up a new life here is better or worse without it is still up in the air.


After gathering a few rock for the yard project and starting my walk home. I had time to reflect on another part of the yard project. vegetable and herbs growth. I had seen a youtube video about growing things in old plastic soda bottles. It is called the tower garden. I looked into some containers at the dollar store, as I was not going to go buy soda for the bottles. Also we use filtered water and do not buy bottled water. While walking I came across the idea of hunting and gathering from the trash the hood puts out on trash day. Simple and free. I was not too keen on the idea of raiding the trash but still I could explain. Then as I was walking close by the house I passed by an apt building… BAM there was my source of free no hassle bottles, in the recycle bind. I grabbed an already bagged , bag of six plus one extra and continued on homeward bound. I had my rocks and my bottles. And came across a good future supply of bottles and can do my part for recycling…Cool or what!


So whilst I am doing my return to nature thing in the garden, the neighbor beacons me to follow her to her place. There her son is sorting out fresh catch fish. She selects a few for me. LZ returns home from the market at that time, but refuses to even touch the fish, so it is up to me to clean and de-bone the lil fishes.


An unpleasant job , but someone has got to do it. I call upon my childhood learned skills from the time in the country and get to work cleaning after I finish my gardening. Yup a real nature day in the hood.

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