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 Today make sit one month since we moved into the Hood. It may seem from my last posts that the only thing that is going on here is Kyudo. LZ says I am lost in Kyudo. It is my pleasure and drive for now, mostly because it is the only thing I can do, and even that is limited, but there are other things happening. If I still had my boat, I would be exploring the islands.  Oh well not my Karma for now.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local fisherman market. That was interesting. It was at the Aoki marina, did I write about this? Do not recall. Anyway the prices were good, the items fish. Some of the fish still alive. There was one bit of grossness and kawaiiso, it that some fish were skinned alive, and gutted. One was even still swimming no skin, no guts. 😦
Another bit of kawaiiso is seeing squid, cut up and eaten alive! Yeah i know the food chain bit and we are still animals this is way most animals eat, still for a vegetarian and person of compassion, seeing that suffering is sad. We found out today there is a cheaper fisherman market near our house, we can walk to so save money on the food and the fare.
I have a job arranged with a local community center, the largest and most know around I am told. Only thing the classes do not start until spring. Teaching Kung Fu , Qi Gong and Meditation. I will need to set up a Tai Chi class elsewhere, which is the one class I feel will do the best. I need to change to approach to the Kung Fu class to make it more doable for seniors, which is the main draw of these day classes I am told. There will be a couple of trial classes to see what kind of interest is there. 
We have been getting some information on this area. LZ says it has as much old shrines and temples as Kyoto but much less crowded, advertised and hyped. Once we get more settled we will take a tour of the area. Our things we had in storage are on the way to Japan. So by the time the fall colors arrive I should have my serious camera and can get some cool Autumn shots.
We went to our friends house the other day for dinner. Wow a great house they had built. Overlooks the water, three floors, mostly wood decor. He even has a small tea room, where he does tea ceremony. It was very cool and the veggie dinner was  Oishii. We arrived at 6:00 and just made the last train home at 11:45. Why is it they stop trains in a modern country at 12:00am , earlier in some places is beyond me. I heard it was because so maybe business men would stay out all night this was the governments way of a light curfew of sorts. It is a moot action if they have a car or can afford a taxi!
Kung fu practice at the shrine of nice. Except for the mosquitoes. It is also nice not having to step on ants of several type while practicing as I do not  see any there. Also just the bib of the place is good. Once it cools n down more and is too cold for mosquitoes it will be really nice. Right now the natural repellant is not working that well, so I wear long sleeve shirts, gloves, and a cap. It feels stupid in the heat , but it is better than the bites. Although a couple of the little blood suckers have bitten through my socks and I have crushed a few trying it on my gloved hands. It is kind of a challenge to make the killing strike within the movement and flow of Tai Chi movements.   
A bit on Kyudo, I found out the person who I spoke with at the Kishiwada Kyudojo last Thursday, who gave me the ok to join and was helping me with my shooting is the Kaisho!! Sugoi! LZ has job interview this week. If she is not working , i will take her to Kyudo practice this Thursday. I got the impression they wanted her to come by to fill in some questions I did not understand. That will be helpful to get the full details on what is what there for them and me. On the other hand if she does get the job that will make life a lot better for us and I can do more Kyudo! As it stands now I will need to cut down to twice a month to stay somewhere near the budget. 
Spent the day working on the new website for Osaka Bay Shaolin Holistic Heath Assoc. it is almost done. At least the basics are there in Japanese. I kept it fairly simple unlike past sites. I believe the Japanese market will not care about all the background on the different styles of Tai Chi or Kung Fu, just the benefits to them. The Chan (Zen) aspects need more verbiage as it is less of a follow along activity, that needs more explanation. Anyway it is coming along. I will be also doing a site for personal English conversation class/practice. There is link being developed for that with the Martial Art venue as well.
There was a monthly blues Jam in Kobe on Sunday. It is put on by some local musicians. I got an invite! Problem is Kobe is quite a ways from our place, therefore expensive on our current budget to go. Beside having to leave fairly early in order to catch the last train home. There is that train thing again, what a pain! As much as I wanted to go, it would be fun, it maybe beneficial to meet more local musicians, logic needed to win, and the sacrifice made not to go for the benefit of the big plan and peace of mind and home. There will be other times to get my beat on.
Chilling footsteps of Winter treading
Approach in the distance beyond the hills 
Future California dreaming … winter’s day

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