Life is change

  There is a picture of the Shrine Dojo, in the spring with a cherry tree in bloom over-hanging the view from the shooting platform. I had looked forward to seeing that. Even to a lesser extent seeing the romantic view of snow floating soundless to the ground between the whizz of flying arrows…a much much lessor extent, I hate being cold!. I was shattered when the bubble broke… I am past that now. As one floats in the charms of a new promising smile from alluring woman, after a broken romance. 




Arrangements were made for me to return to Kishiwada Kyudojo and meet with one of the head Sensei. LZ spoke with him on the phone. I went in today as agreed. The Sensei was not there. I spoke with another person who I showed the note which was for the other Sensei explaining who I am and what I wanted. I figured out this person was in charge in some way. he said ok.  I then called LZ on the cell. She spoke with him. Turns out he is something like the manager or head trainer, something. Again I was told everything is fine I can join in. This person shows me where to change over behind the judges booth. I did not have to go downstairs to the dressing room, this is where most changed. I saw other bags around.


As I was changing another person shows up and also starts to change. He looks familiar but I could not place him. I thought I was just tripping. Then he says, Fuu-san, something something Banpaku. I was surprised and thought I had met him at Nogami Sensei’s Dojo, but that was not it. He said something I did not get explaining, so I let it go and we just exchanged a few other words.
While this is going on another man shows up, in a suit with the head guy. He says something brief, bows smiles says sumimasen and takes off. I have no idea who he is. I see him once again in a little while he smiles and says Ganbatte and leaves the Dojo. I am thinking huh?! I briefly think he is the guy Nogami Sensei spoke with. Now another guys comes up to me in a full dress Hakama , the kind those of serious rank wear and says something. I figure out he saying he is the one LZ spoke with by phone. There was a lot of discussion among several of the members , some of it asking me stuff, like were did I register with the Renmei, was I a member of Bapacku  etc etc? Anyway after all was asked and figured out I did not understand most of it. I was directed to shoot. But first there was a lot of shock at the size, length of my Yumi and Ya. 🙂 I explained it was a loaner , mine was being shipped from Cal. Up first the Markiwara, I was checked out for a couple of shots, I was then given some correction on my tenouchi. The new way felt weird but they were pleased and it worked so, onward.


Next I was directed to the Mato. I worked with what I was told on the new Tenouchi and hit first shot. I had felt all eyes upon me while I was making ready. But I did not look, it was confirmed when I heard the clapping when I hit.
I did another two shots, which were not as good, but that’s ok. I was making some adjustments and receiving some instructions to follow. Push more toward the target with my left, straighten my arm more. More arch with the right when pulling. That sort of thing. Helpful stuff to improve my shots. Usually my best shots are the first after four my strength level drops and It takes more effort for me to shoot, my quality drops. I need a little lighter bow. I can still shoot for a while but the quality drops. I figure for a full class or day of shooting I should use a 13.5 or 14kg Yumi. I think my first bow was a 14 when new and dropped to a 12.5 after a couple of years. I can shoot a 15-18kg but not for long periods I am finding. Or I may need to do some upper body training again. Work with some heavy weapons. Like the Quan Do or a iron bar for a staff. I do not know how that will affect my bum shoulder’ which is also part of the problem.
Anyway I am looking forward to getting back into full training. We are hopeful that LZ or I or both of us land a job, that will free up some funds so I can attend class more regular and set up my home Makiwara dojo. 


Also looking forward to the arrival of my gear from the states. I have two Yumis coming. One I may sell and buy a lighter one for extended shooting. It will replace the one left on the boat. The other is a good class and testing bow. Not too heavy , not too light, both are Bamboo. I am considering a fiberglass one for the lightweight. I want to do the RSD Tanuki ceremonial 108 Ya New Year shoot for 2014, representing Japan, also the 100 Ya World Shoot. I really need a light bow for those.


As far as the shrine views. Oh well , it will be even more pleasant being warm while shooting, 


I can enjoy the seasons view on the walk through the park to the dojo.

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