Kung Fu’n around

  A couple of weeks ago when we moved in to the new digs, I went to visit the local Shrine just around the block. It was an old place, several monuments(?) on the ground. The ground themselves we spacious. Large enough with trees and open space to be a nice place to practice some Fu. I was unsure how it would go over though. I certainly was not just going to go and start working out, it did not seem like a public park setting. I figured on some point to ask permission. No sense pissing off, the locals and the Spirits.

A few days ago. LZ and I went over to the local large Mall. She was handed a flyer about some misc classes that were held there at the community center within the mall. She showed me the flyer and she called about me teaching some classes there. There was a Tai chi class already, also Karate, and other misc stuff. I figured will the Tai Chi is just three times a month I can do better than that. I can do a morning class or whatever. She called and an appointment was made for me to have an interview.
On the way to the interview we walked past the shrine and she said , lets stop and ask now since I am here with you. Ok, said I  we went on the grounds and did not see anyone. We went to the main shrine rang the bell and paid our respects.
A man comes up afterwards and directs us to the little house by the entrance to see the caretaker. We spoke with the couple living there who are in charge. They freely gave me permission to come in and do my thing over on the side, as not to interfere with the shrine. The area is just where I had in mind. The woman says there are a lot of school kids that go by here, maybe some of them will be interested in learning from you if they see you doing it. Mission done. 
On to the interview. As it turns out. The Tai Chi class is not that popular. Not because of lack of interest but because the is some famous guy teaching fairly close by, for less money. Hmmmm ok. However she was interested in me doing a Kung Fu class and a Qi Gong /Meditation class. The downside that I see is, most of the interest will come from seniors. I do not see many seniors come out for a Kung F class. However she did say there was one before but it did not last. Some came but dropped out. Pretty common. So we will see, maybe I can set it to be of interest to elders, when I see if anyone comes to the sample class. The Qi Gong class should be fairly simple to do, if there is interest. I can do an hour class on that, stretching, breathing, balance, and Chan meditation. My Chan Sifu would be pleased to have some practitioners in Japan. Will have to see what the Tao has on the path.
The search will continue for a Tai Chi class location. It was suggested that we try some of the local community centers, where a cheaper price could be offered for classes as this place is on the higher cost side. Anyway it is a start. 
Tomorrow I go to another shrine where there is a Kyudojo to ask about classes, joining, the test in Nov and practicing…yosh!

2 thoughts on “Kung Fu’n around

  1. Hey – Ive missed reading your blog. I have a lot of catching up to do. Get a nice cup of tea and read about your adventures. Nice to know where you are living – I travelled on public transport from Kyoto via Osaka to meet a friend in Kobe, so I chuckled to read of your walking the streets. They met me at the station! Hope you are safe in the typhoon.

    • Hi Val,

      Nice to hear from you. Yeah, things have been quite the adventure. We survived the thypoon! It was fairly intense at time with the wind noise. It has been years since i visited Kyoto, will have to make the trip again once we are more settled

      Take care


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