Water world revisited

   If I knew this was going to be an ongoing thing I would restart the Zensekai 2 water blog. However no telling when I will get back on the sea again. This weekend past was a surprise. I was contacted by Aoki Yachts to attend a instructor meeting. Of course I jumped on the chance. It was a two-day event.

It was a stormy weekend with a Typhoon expected. I was not sure what would happen, but it was not cancelled. I arrived Sat afternoon for part one. There was the standard business talk about the state of school and the like, including the Zen 24 boat which I was dealing with in the states. Now there is another newby, the Zen15 a cruising dinghy. This was recently entered in a race and came in 6 out of over 70 boats. 


Next up were introductions from the members. As the Aoki school has several branches not everyone knew everyone else, including me. Introductions were made a round the table. I only spoke a little saying my name and my Japanese was poor so I deferred my intro to Yoh Sensei. By the way this meeting was held all in Japanese, so I did not get all of it. I did find out later that several people there spoke English, one person sat next to me and translated the important parts.


The topic of discussion was Crew Overboard drills, how to rescue someone who fell overboard, the ways of locating them, and how to get them back onboard. I will not go into details since most reader will not care. Anyway several methods were discussed. After lunch the meeting was taken down to the boats for a demo on how to use equipment  to get some poor sod out of the water and back on the boat.


After a full day of this, we had dinner on the patio deck. Good food, laughs, awards, gifts and smooth jazz. It was a good time.


Part 2 on Sunday was modified a bit due to the rain. We met inside for more discussion , then went out on the boats to practice live rescues. I was expecting to use a fake person, some obect and was quite surprised when the guy on our boat jumped overboard. This made it real, getting him back onboard. We tried several methods and positions. I had a turn at the helm. It was a good sail.  Light conditions, easy handling boat. I wondered sadly at times, where my boat is now. I did have a few stray thoughts about one day having another boat. Perhaps a 24 ft Yamaha to explore the islands. It is good to have a dream.


The wrap up of the day came later. Those who wanted to went for a sail on their choice of the ZenBoats. I am not big on dinghies and I have sailed the Zen24 solo so I passed on going out. I sat on the dock of the bay, not really wasting time, but enjoying the moment.

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