The Hood

  Day 3 we have most of our ordered things to live. Basic inexpensive, plastic, vinyl covered, dollar store items, but usable and fairly well made. Basics. We wait for the frig now, good quality one and for internet. 



More rain today, but during a break took a walk through the hood. 


I walked down to a nearby shrine to see if it was a place I could practice TaiChi. It was a fairly large place with decent grounds, but I did not a sense people went there to hang out like a park, however i will ask next time I am there. Another day I will explore further in another direction. I did find a shorter way to the main road which leads to the train station.


Once back after a short break next I did some yard work. Pulling weeds, I put on repellant oils first having learned from the other day. The front looks much better now free of the overgrowness and I have better idea how I want things to be designed as well as how the Kyudo Makiwara will fit.


Next, LZ is heading off to the dollar store for some shopping. There is a custom in Japan the new folks go greet the neighbour with a gift. We had met several folks already. One was very helpful , she refused any gift, when she came by to drop off some information for LZ about trash pickup she calls out it is One-chan, we like her.


Anyway today we go to pay respects to the Obachan on our right. We had briefly met her when she came out to say something to a delivery guy the other day. LZ told her we would stop by to introduce ourselves. LZ was on her way out so said let’s do it now. Ok i say. This person’s house looks like a horder lives there. Piles of stuff around door, in the yard. Part of the yard has an enclosure built on it, it is full of stuff! We go to the gate, and LZ sends me in, she stands back, with the kitanai face. I go WTH, I  can not speak to her. Ok , the woman comes to the door. Looks at me, I speak, bow,  then point to LZ , she remembers now and starts talking and smiling. Ok. She continues to talk and tell us how long she has been there, her husband passed away 55 yrs ago, etc etc. on and on, LZ is slowly inching her way back into the street, as do I . The woman continues to talk and follow us out. Finally LZ slips off, and I think I can also, saying yoroshiku. However the woman follows me, still talking. I go into gate , open it and go in, she follows!! Then looks over the yard and says something about how I had cleaned it up. She picks a potted plant off the wall I had placed there and moves it. I move it to the ground. Still she is talking about some flowers she had, that were growing everywhere! I say sugoi and inch my way to the front door. She continues to talk and follow. I step inside and let her talk for a bit, then say again arigatou, yoroshiku and close the close. Wheew. Relief, but I have a feeling this will not be the end. This is not good!
About 20 min later she is back. As is the custom of country folks she just walks in the house. Saying ojamashmasu. I stop her at the entrance. She asks for LZ I say, she is out shopping. She then tells me about the local shopping store one is cleaper than the other and on and on. I say ok. Then she says something about tea. I did not know if she was inviting herself for tea or asking me over for tea. Etherway, not what I wanted to do. I explain I do mot speak much Japanese. She asks where I am from, and tells me she has been to Brazil before. Blah blah. Ok. So I say I am getting ready to take a shower. She corrects my usage of the word, I think, then finally leaves. :-(. This is not good, I am thinking. I lock the door this time.
Some 30 min later she is back. Good move locking the door. I see and hear it is her, I do not answer the door. She goes away , but mulls about outside in the street doing this and that to the flowers across the way. I watch from upstairs, thinking oh snap! I will have to be rude at some point! This is not good!
Sometime later, Onechan sees me and comes over. She asks if I understand Japanese, I say some, and she then tells me basically the next lady is weird, watch out for her. I say, yeah, I figured that out, thank you.
Sou na, welcome to the hood, it is real!
So, the internet people show up. They need to do some, major installation to get us hooked. Run cable or whatever it is to the house from the street. They are doing the hookup outside, the Oba-san comes out and is talking to them, chat chat chat. We have the front door open so they can work. She walks in to the house and talks to LZ. She now has access, she walks into the living room, looks into the bathroom, walk through the kitchen. She is ready to walk upstairs before LZ stops her! LZ says a few polite things about cleaning and being dirty, the Oban-san leaves to go talk to the men outside again. 


LZ comes and tells me about it. I say yup, I will need to be rude at some point. I can/will do the I do not speak Japanese card only so far. There are advantages to be a Gaijin. I have low tolerance to being imposed upon in my home, even by crazy old ladies in da hood. 

4 thoughts on “The Hood

    • 🙂 we are trying to be compassionate to the lady. Figuring she is lonesome. Few talk with her in the hood and guessing she has no family. She came by a few days ago ,somewhat late in the evening to tell us our light was on in the kitchen and be careful not to waste money. Another evening a two days ago she come banging on the door like the house is on fire, to give us a small pumpkin she had gotten from somewhere! She means well so that is kept in mind when dealing with her. We encountered her yesterday in the street while walking to the mall. I smiled and bowed, she spoke with my wife a bit and we went on our way. My wife says she knows what she is doing when she acts up. Like when trying to investigate through the house. I am thinking once we settle in more she will also settle down. I think the newness factor is still there right now. Anyway…another form of training.

  1. That’s funny. Well, easy for me to say since I don’t live next door to her. 🙂

    I get Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door every several weeks. That’s when I use the “sorry, I don’t understand” card.

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