Rain falls hard and soft

Grass beat down with yin and yang
Morning meditation brings refreshed gratitude
Day 2, our first day after a full night in Bamboo Manor. Our night was quiet and restful, there are no ghosts. No feeling of weird energy. That would, should have been pickup up the first visit, but after a night one knows for sure. The rain has arrived. It rained most of the night and is continuing now into the morning. If we had internet and a frig it would be perfect. Internet comes on Day three, the frig, we’ll see. 
There is an in-floor icebox, that we are using to keep a few things cool and we get free ice from the market. It would be nice to have the unit from the boat now, along with the other stuff, but this our karma. We are dealing with it.
More things arrived today, due to the help of Okasan, table, sofa, toaster, washer, stove. 
One issue has shown with an old house, the doorway are so small. 
The door from the kitchen to the back shed is too small for the little washer to fit. We had to lift it over the fence and slip between the buildings, lift over the propane tanks to get into the rear outside door. 
We spoke with a few of the folks in the hood today also.
Now looking like a home. 
Rain falling still, wetting mailman on scooter
Lunch completes the feeling…gratitude

One thought on “Rain

  1. Looking good. Those underfloor cooler are neat. Ours is all cracked from age and I have not spent the time and effort to replace it.

    We got heavy rain and lightening here off and on today.

    Bit by bit your house becomes your home. A good feeling isn’t it? Especially after such a gut wrenching journey. Time to take a deep breath and – as you are – feel the deep gratitude.

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