Going Up to the Country

  Many of you, the few that are still following this blog,  I noticed the count has dropped. Which is funny, funny like weird , not haha, I thought more would be interested in what was going on in Japan , but I had more overseas followers when in the states. Now seems there are more readers in Japan. Sorry I digress. Where was I ?… oh yeah, many of you will not know the title of this post came from a famous song, one of my favorites from the sixties by Canned Heat. Yes,  if you did not get that already, I am a Hippie, a Love Child. For some reason we have a bad rap now a days, which I do not get because all we ever wanted was for people to get along, help each other. Make love not war. We stopped a war and had great music. What are the last few generations claims? Sorry I am on a rant and digress again
Hmmmm anyway. Que the music here*

Finally the time arrived, we are moving home, to our new home to be correct. There was suppose to be a typhoon coming or happening, but it did not. There was a bit of rain but not much, we saw some on the train but never got wet.

Ok, we started out before noon as we wanted to beat the storm. We walked loaded down with stuff. Not as much as when we had to make our way from the rescue ship to a motel in Long Beach. Also different stuff for the most part, but still stuff. We were able to ship things we had gathered since landing. Still we had, had two pull suitcases, two “boston bags” ( i do not know were LZ got that name from), a yumi, an arrow case, my shakuhachi and an umbrella. The work horse, me, had the most of course. 
We walked about 15-20 min to the train station that was the hard part. The ride was easy, even at two hours. We went one extra stop past ours in order to get the key for the house. Afterward was another fair bit of work as we had to go up and down several flight of steps to cross to the other side of the train tracks at the station. Being out in the  country the was no escalator. The last legs was another 20 min walk to the house. We could have taken a taxi but we have to watch our spending. If it was raining we would have bitten the bullet and paid the cab.
We finally made it to the house after tracking our way through the hood, down a few back alleys and small streets. Yatta! 
There was no time to celebrate, there was still stuff to do and LZ was ready to get busy. I wanted a break and I took one. After the argument and my break I set about helping to clean. Little by little things started coming together. However now it was around 2:00 and I was hungry after having a lite breakfast. I could see the sign of a large shopping area from the second floor window. I also fairly knew the location having checked out the map. We set out for the store.
After about 5-10 walk we were there at the what appeared at first to be a market and the dollar store next door was defunked, closed , out of business. We were quite surprise to find once inside it was a mini mall, food , clothing, dollar store, drug stores, and smooth jazz on the sound system, excellent! We were more than please and so nearby. The prices were good! We did our one stop shopping. We could not get much in the way of food because it will be another 1.5 weeks before our frig arrives. LZ has a deal with an internet provider for new customers one could get a new Frig. It is some kind of new fiber optical service they are pushing. The hassle of no frig for a couple of weeks saved us several hundred bucks.
One thing I took note of was while in the shopping mall, no one paid me any mind. No one stared, very few even looked at me, not even the kids. This was quite surprising for a little town on the outside of the countryside. Even if they are fairly use to seeing gaijin, doubtful of my hue. Kind of a nice surprise and a good sign.
Ok so back home we eat, clean several items that had been order and our shipped boxes show up. We do some unpacking and misc stuff . We had not meet any of the folks in the hood as yet. We will do that later. I did do a bit of weed pulling around the front door. I could not stand the overgrowness. For my efforts I was attacked by thirsty blood sucking mosquitoes. Next time I will know to put on my repellant oils. 
As night fell so did the rain. Fairly hard it was nice , but only lasted a short while. One thing I noticed while I was standing in window was I could see into the house across the street and there in one room were several guitars. I have a guitar player on the hood! I hope he is a grown up and not the son of the house.
So all in all it as a good day. We finally have a the home we planned on. We are grateful. It would not been done without the help and compassion of our friends and family. Now onward…yosh!

3 thoughts on “Going Up to the Country

  1. Glad you are finally home! The only people who ever stare at me here are little kids. Most people are very friendly. There are a few in the neighborhood who simply ignore me. I’m sure you will find Japan to be a very open, welcoming society. Irashaimase!

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