Kung Fu :Beyond combat-the spiritual warriors Pt3

Kung fu: Beyond combat – the spiritual warriors

This is the final segment of a project I started quite a while back. I am just now finishing it, for several reasons. One, I got busy with the Pacific Eco Passage. Two there was not much, well any feedback on the part 1 and 2 from the blog, so I figured no one cared. However now that the Passage is finished and I have some free time of sorts and I do not like to leave things undone, I am putting the wraps on this section.

The theme of this for those who do not know is about “Kung Fu” / Marital art and its purpose, it’s philosophy beyond that of just fighting. The three people I interviewed I studied with in some form or another. Two are classmates from Northern Shaolin Tai Chi Praying Mantis. The other is studying Northern Shaolin from the same lineage now. He is also my Kyudo guide, mentor of sorts one could say. not my official Sensei but I have great respect for him and his skills and style. I have the best connection of understanding of Kyudo and it’s nature from him out of all the excellent teachers I have encountered. The three interviewers also chose to follow through with their Martial Studies into gaining more spiritual insight of their arts through the practice and study of Zen. Each from a different path, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. They also selected to refine their Martial skill with a different Speciality. Wing Chun, Shaolin Mantis, and Tai Chi/Kyudo.
 jyozen n me


This final interview is the longest. This is due to I did not have to rush off somewhere for another appointment or to travel several hundred miles to return somewhere. I also tended to speak more in this one, due to the relaxed nature of the interview and my comfort with doing this now, after doing two already. There are a few parts in the interview that deal with something that is showed, but I did not think to take pictures so you will have only a vague idea if any of what is being spoke of…sorry. I could have edited out those parts, but I do not have that kind of time to burn right now. Maybe later I will, if there is a big outcry :-). So again Sorry…deal with it.
Perhaps this interview will have more interest as my blog readers tend to be more from the Kyudo path these days, and Rick Beal aka Rev Sensei Jyozen is a Kyudo Master, with schools in CA, Hawaii, New York ( maybe some other places I do not recall).

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