Senshinkan Night

  I found out that there are evening practice times at Senshinkan, I was up for that. Evening are cooler plus you have the darkness, light factor thing going on. I figured to practice some Fu then Kyudo. The walk over would be nice because of the cooler temps and the walk back better..

I modified my plans once I arrived and went right to the Kyudojo. I wanted to see what the procedures were when starting. Upon entering I was greeting with many Konbanwas from many, not all many. Some people are shy or just not friendly. The. night group seemed nicer than the day timers, No matter. There was a group of people practicing for a tournament and a Sharei so access was somewhat limited as far as the full use of the Dojo. Not a problem. My new friend from the other dojo was there with his wife the Ryokudan or Kokyudan I forget which. Anyway he was a big help to me. I mostly watched in the beginning to learn the right edict. I told him I was learning the right way to leave and enter as the Dojo was set different. He showed me, and explaining things.  basically change from left foot to right foot entering , then left foot leaving. It was weird getting use to that. I spent some time just drilling that. 


I spent some time just working on the Markiwara again, because I was still not comfortable , or pleased with my release. I noticed that many people kept inviting me to shoot the full range. To me doing the Makiwara is like working on basic in Kung Fu. The better they are the better the rest will be. Eg: The stronger the roots, the strong the tree or prettier the flower.
The Sensei came over to me at one point. He mentioned about my glove and bow still being in Cal and I will be pleased when I get it…. Something like that. He also said that Markiwara time was important…or something like that. He added that i needed to expand my draw more coming out of Daisan, it was too shallow. It was unexpected help and I thanked hm. I think he was impressed I was not in a rush to go after the tragets and wanted to be correct with my basics.
I noticed from the couple of people that spoke to me that night and at the other Dojo, the basic questions are. How long have you practiced, where, and how old are you. For some reason the how old are you is a big question. Something we never ask in the States for the most part.


Anyway I spent the night on the Makiwara and watching. This was fine with me I was not in a rush to shoot. I did not want to be embarassed by my arrow flying into another mato across a lane.  The more I work out these flaws now, alignment, crosses, release, Tenouchi, the better my hits will be. I am determined to pass the San-Dan test then to  Yondan, next year. I even dreamed about shooting last night. Perhaps the failure of the first San-san attempt and the failure to reach here by boat has placed more importance in my physic on passing SanDan.

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