Senshinkan Kyudojo

  I went back to Senshinkan Kyudojo today. I decide I wanted to  have access to the Dojo since it was nearby. I was told yesterday I did not need an appointment but to come around a certain time. Then I could do a Makiwara test. Ok cool can not be that hard. Yosh!



I showed up at the correct time I was a bit early I was told the Sensei was not ready as yet. I was asked to sit and wait. A short while later the woman came back and asked if i had a gi and needed to change. Yes I said, where? She showed me the changing room, which was very nice. A/C’ d, showers, locker, nice! There was someone there changing. From looking at his Hakama I knew he had some rank, even flashed in my head that he maybe the Sensei. After a few minutes of talking, I found out he is the Sensei testing me. He asked some misc questions. All in Japanese I am not sure how I follow this stuff, I miss a lot but get the main idea. I can not always reply in Japanese…


He leaves, I follow shortly after to the Dojo. A few more things I am told. I get most and get settled in. I needed to test in front of him on the Makiwara. He had me warmup first. Afterward we went to a small office he told me some rules and misc stuff about the club and asked me some questions.  As it turns out because I  am a local get a better rate to come in and practice , very cool! Not only do I save the train fare by walking, I save on the admission. I am pleased. Shiaouwase!


Next up the test. Simple really, he says watch him first then my turn. He does the basics, then I follow. He asks me to repeat it again I do so and he is pleased. I get the ok to practice with the group. First I need to do some paperwork and entrance stuff. We go back to the office he get paperwork and shows and tells me what to do. It was a little challenging to figure things out, but it got it done and I was in! Yatta!


An added plus to this besides the reduced fee was that I got the ok to  spend a portion of my visit time on Kyudo and another part just practicing my Fu or Tai Chi. Very cool. An even floor, with no ants to step on, and no bugs to bite me! Plus I can take a shower afterwards. Yeah, how cool is that!


So on to the 28 meters. I was cleared to shoot now so I wanted to work on my aim today. My first shot hit the target! However it was the target in the next lane! Whaaaaaa! How did that happen? But it was the right height.  My next shot was just off of hitting the correct target, just a little off , enough to make noise on the edge. Ok I thought I am getting there. My next shot was totally weird. It went almost two anes over. what the heck! It felt like the arrow and my glove were stuck together. Really weird feeling. Also I could feel a decrease in strength it was time to stop. I checked over the glove and the fit of the nock on the string. Everything seemed with in reason …mostly. 


With things externally reasonable. I followed the Zen path … I looked at myself for the problem. Perhaps I was holding the string and the glove all to tight on the draw. I needed to use the glove more and less of my hand power. Perhaps this was also why it got so cramped yesterday. I did a couple more makiwara shots just to test the theory. I recall a Sensei telling me in the beginning days the thumb should be up against the top of the thumb slot, not pressing down on the finger. It worked fairly well. Rest, relax the hand more, let the glove do it’s job. Tomorrow I will give it the 28 meter test…yosh!

4 thoughts on “Senshinkan Kyudojo

  1. You’ve been busy! Two really nice-looking dojo. Sorry the yumi seems more difficult than it’s supposed to be. There’s something about the construction of the renshin bows that seems to make them more difficult to draw at first, but I imagine you’ll get used to it. As for the glove, this time of year, with the humidity and heat, even in Hokkaido the built-up giriko and kusune from the string can almost glue your fingers together, so there may actually be some of that going on as well. You’ve picked a hot part of the country!

    Oh, about the dojo, I’m waiting for an answer about plans/advice. I’ll let you know as soon as I get anything!

    • Karamatsu-san, yes busy, adapting, adjusting research. The Dojo life has come into a nice place for now. Much of that I owe to your kindness of the Yumi. Yea it is a bit of a challange but not that bad. I do have a weak shoulder that sometimes is problem with too much use under pressure. But it is managable. I have been keeping an eye on the auctions for a slightly weaker bow at a cheap price for extended practice. Yet as I said your bow makes me work on my draw as it should be. I just need to not over do it. i can tell which muscles i am using the next day. Really the only real thing I always need to be aware of is ceiling height 🙂

      I believe you are right about the reside i was thinking that just yesterday. Wondering if there is somme way to clean off some of the old build up. Perhaps so light sandpaper or mild solvent like fingernail polish remover. I lighter grip also helped last night, until I went too light and I got smacked on the side of the face. 🙂 another lesson.


  2. Ah, the height… Yes, I have that, too, at some of the older places. At one dojo in Kyoto I they actually cut a hole in the ceiling to accommodate longer bows! As for the residue, what people around here usually use on their glove is just one of those white plastic erasers that you can pick up for 105 yen at a convenience store. I’m wary of a solvent like nail polish remover. That’s pretty heavy-duty stuff and might stain or damage it the deerskin. I think they may use some glue in the construction too, so you wouldn’t want to dissolve that!

    PS Don’t worry about the shyness, etc. It can take a while for people to warm up, but when they do you know it’s genuine.

    • An eraser, yes my Sempai gave me a natural gum one, sadly it is still in storage with my gear. I will check into one at some local shop. thanks!

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