The home search

  LZ being in charge of all things Japan related has been in charge of finding us a home base. Since I have no clue about any of that it falls on her shoulders. There was a place she located when we first arrived that was till listed weeks later or however long it had been since she saw it. It is an older place but refurbished. No parking, which is not a problem for us since we have no car, nor plan on getting one anytime soon. Also this house is out a ways from the city, not quite farm land but considered “country ” by ya’ll city folks.

We liked it. One really gets a feel for older Japan in the hood. Rather than being in the city where all things look fairly alike.
She made arrangements for us to look at three places on one day . The last or next to last being the one she wanted. It was a two-hour train ride to the countryside outskirts. There we met up with the first realtor . He tool us to a pretty common small apt complex. I was not impressed and when LZ saw a roach that did it for her. It would not have been a good place. Not private and kids right next door. The good thing was it was very near to shopping and the like a matter of blocks.


This completed the showing for this realtor. He dropped us off at the mall, the impressive mall. It had everything! Shocking! It had many eateries. One of which is called Natural Kitchen. They had a deal where you purchase a main dish and get all these side dishes as much as you can eat…free! It was good. I was able to fill up! Salad, tofu, other veggies, OMG it was heaven after being moderate on a budget. We both filled up and planned for no dinner or something very light at the most!
Afterward we walked about 20 min or so to the house LZ wanted. It was through an older neighborhood. One really got the sense of being in Japan. Small streets, close houses. LZ said before she went to the states she would have not like it, but now it felt good and she like it. . I liked it right off. 
We walked and wandered and finally found where we were suppose to go. A small house on a dead-end street. It has a small front yard and two balconies. Front and back of the house. It was just what LZ wanted, I also liked it. I would have liked a bigger yard but this one will do. On top of everything the price was right.
The Realtor took us to one other place that was larger, still no parking and also refurbished, but it did not have a yard or storage, not the character of the house. It was a one level apt not a two-story house, which was nice, but it was also on a busy street. Overall the negative outweighed the positive and we put a deposit on the old small house.  
Next we had to get the family involved because we needed a reference/consignee. In Japan your debt is not just your problem it is a family affair.  Also me being not from here and my legals status was still not final it is simpler. Anyway after some time of background checks ( which are called credit checks here, but have nothing to do with  credit), having to get a cell phone , and some other things, we finally got approved for the house . LZ picked up paperwork today to be filled out by her and my In-laws, we will be moving end of this month! Yatta. Another step done…mostly

2 thoughts on “The home search

  1. That’s great! Have fun moving in and making the place your own home. I ‘m sure it feel wonderful to “settle” in after so much uncertainty in your lives. Okaerinasai!

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