Waterside visit

  We have not been near the water or a marina since the tragedy. One of our limited friends here, really our only friends as a couple invited us to dinner when we came to visit. We went to Tajiri Marina were Aoki Yachts corp. is located. This was supposed to be our final stop after the Pacific crossing. We finally made although not as planned. Life is like that.



We took the train ride over to the marina from Suita-shi. It was a couple of hours ride out to the countryside. It is not something we can afford to do much, so it was a painful splurge at $40.00 round trip for the two of us. It would have been 60.00 had we gone another route!
Anyway, it was good to get out and visit.


We stopped by the marina office for a while and shared the tale of adventure and woe on the high sea.  LZ did the talking in Japanese so it could be understood. Yoh Sensei agreed calling for help with a broken rudder and high sea was not uncalled for and a valid reason.


Afterward we went to an Izakaya on site. We were treated to a good dinner, drinks and shared laughs. We also got the local knowledge of the area which was big help. We made arrangements to meet again in the near future and visit their home. I was also invited to visit the Zen temple where Sensei lectures and meditates, whenever I am free. 
Being free is not the issue right now, but affording the train ride is an issue. I am hopeful that can change in the near future. Currently lack of livable income is the big Yin of the present. The Laws of the universe say Yin must turn to Yang as all life is change. I await the New day.

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