Small steps on the mountain path

Finally got to visit the park Kyudo dojo and see Nogami Sensei. He seemed pleased to see us. It was good we timed it before class got started and he arrived after we did. That worked out that we got to visit before he went to watch his students. He was pleased that I was now Ni-dan and said Sandan and Yondan are soon. I told him I tested once for San dan but missed the target. He said one hit for Sandan, two for Yondan, here in Japan. In the states it sounds so maybe’ish. I like things clear. So now I know want I need to bring my targeting up to for passing. My goal is Yondan in 2015. I think that is a reasonable goal. After that, I will see, I maybe content with just shooting for the betterment of me. That would be a big personal challenge to go for Godan…something concrete to work towards…we’ll see.
Sensei is 90 yrs old now. He says he still shoots and is back to judging special events now. He seems in pretty good shape after recovering from his medical incident. I was given the schedule that the Dojo is open and told I could come whenever. I was introduced to the other students and the Dojo manager as well as another head Sensei. I was told other Sensei would be there from time to time if I wanted advice all I had to do was ask to be check over. A good thing I found out about being NiDan is I have open use of the Dojo without having a sensei around. I could come and shoot as I pleased.
Another thing we spoke to Sensei about was we are planning on moving to another side of Osaka and I would be using a Dojo there. I was told he knows several of the Senseis there and gave us him home phone number to call when we are ready to move. He will give me an introduction. 
I have heard the next test is about mid Sept. I am not sure if that is too soon I will be able to go to the Dojo this week and see how I feel shooting. We are also moving into our new place hopefully then so that maybe too distracting. I am also wondering about how will I take the written test as my Japanese is not to that level I can barely understand what is being said and that is only sometimes.
Maybe there is a certain time for exams in English or a separate written test if they know I am attending. Something else to research…yosh!

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