I went out a few days ago on my own. I needed to go to the Kyudo store for some glove power and a yumi rain coat. I figured also while I was out I would stop by a new and used guitar shop. I hoped to find a used “gig bag”. This is used to carry a  guitar to a job or rehearsal. Now a days rigged like a backpack. This is lighter and easier than a hard shell case. much easier to deal with on a train, I see a lot of people with them. I also needed a harmonica neck brace so I can play and use my Bass at the same time. Yeah, I can do that.

The guitar shop and the Kyudo shop are on the same train line. So I figure to go first to the Kyudo shop then stop by the Guitar shop on the way back home. I could see the guitar shop from the train so I figured an easy deal.
I made my way to the Kyudo shop, having been there several times now with no problem. However once there I am once again faced with a closed sigh! WTH do these people only open one day a week! Disgusted I turned around and went back to the station. With the song by the Stone playing in my head. ” Well I followed her to the station, with a suitcase in her hand”. 


Anyway I got back on the train and started to head to the guitar store stop. After a very short ride i got off at the right station. Getting out of the station was a bit complex, I could not tell which of the several exits to exit by. I picked one, it was wrong  I thought.  So I took another entrance back underground and crossed over to another exit. This looked even more confusing, but I figured first started walking I could sort it out.  I went down a few streets , then around a corner then up and ended back at the station, but from a different side. Which I thought was where I wanted to go.  So I start walking in the direction I thought was the store.
I walked a few steps and this guy comes running up to me speaking Japanese. I could not figure out what he was saying, but seems like he was looking for a payphone or cell phone. He needed to make a call and was running late, or something. Anyway I said, I do not understand , also I do not know where there is a phone. He kept on for a few minutes then figured it out I was clueless. We bowed, shook hands and he took off. Strange…why me to ask with all the locals around.
So walked on, down a street , around a corner, up a street, down a block on and on trying to get over to where I thought the shop should be. I walked past older and newer local houses on small streets. I  got a feel for local hoods, less the highrise apt complexes. Kind of cool. Once a reach another train station I figured I was lost and headed back the way I came, because was getting late, this time on the other side of the train tracks. Again interesting walk via local town and got back to where I started.
I got on the train station platform but the sign made me uneasy. Something seemed wrong. I looked around and checked other signs and boards and figured out I was on the wrong side to go home. Once I understood that I also figured out I walked the wrong direction. I walked away from the guitar shop! Doh!
I heard Zen master once say. “mistakes are chances to learn”

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