Wu Wei




One of Taoism’s most important concepts is wu wei, which is sometimes translated as “non-doing” or “non-action.” A better way to think of it, however, is as a paradoxical “Action of non-action.” Wu wei refers to the cultivation of a state of being in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the ebb and flow of the elemental cycles of the natural world. It is a kind of “going with the flow” that is characterized by great ease and awake-ness, in which – without even trying – we’re able to respond perfectly to whatever situations arise.
I think this is a good defining state of where I am now. Like doing Zazen, the outside is still the inside is busy. Busy but not busy, because the mind is stilling, the body is still busy, moving blood, moving life force and in some cases healing. Externally… Doing what I can while doing nothing, preparing for when nothing turns to something. I am waiting for Nogami Sensei to feel well enough to come to class. I want to start training, even if it is not with him he can give me some direction or assign me a Sempai. I do not want to just show up, I think that would be un-cool, improper, whatever. I want to get the proper procedure for going to practice and or train at the dojo. Since Sensei is in the recovering mode I feel it is best to wait. In the mean time I work on my draw with the Gomuyumi and some Kiza and Shiza. Shiza being the most painful. So I should put more effort into that. 
My loaner bow has arrived from my blog bud Karamatsu-san I think I  said this before I am very grateful for the help. My replacement glove arrived yesterday from from my CA Sempai, so things are coming together. Albit slowly. That does however give me more time to prepare.
It seems like I have been in this holding pattern for a while but looking at the calendar it has been less than a month. That maybe the nature of nothing it seems like a long time, yet if  I was totally mindful of being in nothingness I would have no sense of time and it would go quickly. Like doing Zazen when one first starts 10 min is forever, but as one gets more comfortable and mindful of not being mind-full even 30 min is nothing.
Getting out to practice Kyudo will not only give me a bit more sense of immediate of purpose, working on re-testing for San Dan, but will also get me out involved with more of the local Kyudo population. It will be good to mingle more. More so with the Kyudo people at the dojo, many , if not most look to be my age. There is one woman who I am looking forward to speak ing with some more who teaches TaiChi as well as being a Kyudo Sensei. She was pleasant to LZ and I on our past visits. I had a bit of a chat with her on the Zen aspects of Kyudo and some perspective on Shomen and Shamen styles. Some of the other Sensei’s were also helpful to this rookie. To me overall the reception for the upper ranks to me a low rank was much better, warmer here than in the States. That could be just my perspective. I do still have the remembrance feeling of a real lack of warm and fuzziness from the upper ranks at the Seminars, unless I already knew them. Again, maybe just me and the general American ambiance. Perhaps I am the same with the lower ranks in Fu unless I know them or they seem to need help, I know I can be very helpful then as I have been told that several times. Anyway here my uniqueness as a foreigner in the ranks tends to draw people to me, maybe the curious as an anomaly. 🙂 
I am still in a holding pattern for my work visa. I have to keep reminding myself it has not been that long since we applied. It just seems that way, since most of the time I am just sitting in the apt, other than my morning practice before the heat sets in. Or the occasional trip to the local shopping mall for some small thing. There is a local international school in the area, just around the corner from the Apt. So the locals at the mall do not even blink when they encounter me. The store clerks have been very helpful, always polite, that is the Japanese way. Well most of the time. I have seen some small things like in super markets and the like were Americans would say excuse me, were Japanese say nothing, or even do just the famous bow, they just keep on trucking, with me watching think ing, wow rude! These things have not been directed at me but other Japanese. So perhaps politeness is relative…or something.
I checked my blood pressure yesterday. I generally get more heathy when eating a more Japanese based diet. I do not know if it is the reduction of stress, the diet, more sleep or what. It was the lowest ever , 125/75 ! Shocking, I wonder of it is too low, even though that is suppose to be the optimum figure range. I have been so dragging and sleepy as of late. I was thinking it was my dealing with the new type of heat, but maybe it is the lower blood pressure, or some mild depression. Maybe too low blood pressure for me. Once I get my Gaijing card, I will get health insurance and go in for a check up.  Maybe I can cut back on my meds now with the new environment and food, plus eating less, and less stress. We get a very good family rate as we are low income. The rate compared to the rate in the States is a much more humane, one can actually live a life with a health plan here. There are a lot of free services one gets with the plan and more so when it is ones birthday month, like mine coming up.
Next week we head over to the other side of Osaka, to visit our friends owners of Aoki yachts. We are looking forward to that it has been awhile perhaps a year since seeing them in the states. Also my first exposure to the yachting world since the lost of The Zenamaran. There are times that is still a tender sore. Anyway it will be good to see friends. It will really be the first friends or family we have seen other than Okasan. Sister has been very busy and as I said before the other people we met before prefer to remain in their own world Separate from us. The Aoki’s also want to introduce us to their friends who live in the mountainside who do ceramics. I am really looking forward to that.  That is something I want to also return to studying. I miss doing that a lot! Sister used to do that with her husband ,but now she does jewelry and is very good at it. She has several shops in Vietnam that sell her products. If I can do ceramics, music part time, Kyudo and sail on occasion and teach P/T I will be happy here in Japan. More so with all the crazy stuff that is happening in the States. Perhaps the naysayers are correct saying a race war is coming. Or at least a haves and have not wars as the gap widens. It is sad though that most people can not see how those in power are playing those who are not against each other. Wonder where Japan would stand in such a conflict. LZ says in the States she felt on the bottom of the race rung, below that of Blacks, because of her language skills. That maybe true to some extent but I feel she is being over dramatic. In American being Black is the bottom of the barrel. An Asian will always be chosen over a Black mostly. However the KKK hates all non whites equal, they are fair with that. Equal haters :-)… However I digress. Japan still worships power, being an American here has clout. Even as a Gaijin an American is the top line for respect, even one of color. This is why many Americans of color enjoy Japan, because here for the most part it is an even playing field, unlike back in the States…for the most part. Sorry I digress a lot this is not a race post, I think it is stupid separation thoughts. We all bleed, we all die, we all have good people and stupid people in every human culture. Race is a made up thing.
Moving on…I have started making plans and developing a format for teaching my Martial Arts classes here. I have stated work on the website and putting up a Facebook page. English conversation and Martial Art/Meditation. The facebook page is “Osaka Bay Shaolin Martial Art Holistic Health Assoc” quite a mouth full. ( if you are n FB drop by and like) However I want it to be understood as more than just a Kung Fu school, and fighting, it is about living. Therefore the name is more than just Shaolin Kung Fu  which evokes one line of thought. Even though the word Kung Fu is not about fighting, the average person on the street does not know that. Also Nor knowing that Tai Chi Chuan is a form of Kung Fu not some New age peace and love dance. For that matter so is Kyudo, all are really Motion Chan/Zen. It is simple once one understands it, but explaining it can be complex…sort of 🙂

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