The Killing Fields

  Most days I am up near sunrise. Before in the states it was around 6 :00 am. I find here in Japan it is about 5:00 am. Generally I go back to bed until 6:00. I like to do my morning Zazen first thing before Kung Fu stuff. I was told between 12:00 am and 6:00 am is sleep time. The body goes into rest mode then. It is that natural cycle of things, thing.

I received my replacement work out pants yesterday from China. They are light, and comfortable, but not fully cotton as I was expecting. They are some cottoney , stretchy material. They are loose which is nice, but at they same time kind of clingy. I have not decided if I fully like them or not. I have another pair of pants on order called Harlem baggys or Aladdin pants. Which really look like MC hammer pants but have the tie at the bottom of the legs. These are suppose to be 100 % cotton. ( They came , they suck, oh well) It is hard to find proper Kung Fu pants in Japan. I have some extra pants but they ar still in storage in the states. So I am seeking replacements for what was lost on the boat.   
My loaner Yumi and some arrows arrived yesterday. I am Jazzed ( pleased). A reader of my blog sent them to me so I could continue training. A BIG thanks to him. I have enjoyed his blog ( Mu ) since it started.
LZ spoke with someone at the local Dojo here in Suita-shi and I can practice for the most part whenever I want for only 5.00 a visit. As we have limited income, I will keep this down to one visit for practice and one visit to work with Nogami Sensei. I am looking forward to formal training again and even more so in Japan, under a Master.


One of the things I do daily when I do my morning ” Fu ” practice is to take my Gomuyumi and do a couple of shots. It is said that one should do something in Kyudo training daily, that is what I do. Virtual shoot with the Gomuyumi. The one I am using is oversized. A Friend made it from real Yumi which was broken. It has the feel of drawing a full size Yumi. So I can really feel like I am expanding from the bones and checking my crosses.
Where I practice outside, there is a little park area behind the condo. There are a lot of ants, small ones, medium size and very large black ones. Way more than I have seen in the states at one location.  I wonder if I am the only person who practices martial arts but feels bad, has concerns about how many ants I am stepping on during my practice. I feel bad when I think about it, still I will kill a mosquito without a thought if they bite. That is more self defense.  However the ants are just going about their business and here I am turning their home into a killing field. 
One of those things that make me weird to even trip ( think about it) on it.
Knee pads for Kyudo came today, whoo hooo!  When starting from nothing, even small things are huge!
On another note. I spoke with one of the musicians from the Kobe Jam last night. He has been living in Japan for a number of years. We spoke about work as a musician her in Japan, Osaka particular. If did not sound promising. At best considering my “foreignness ” some temp unique draw work could be had. However even famous local name people find it hard to work here for a living. Japan like everywhere is having money problems. In a way that’s ok, I only want to get some part time work as i want to do other things. Kyudo, ceramics and teach my Motion Chan classes. So some occasional gigs would be nice.
I have changed my opinion of Japanese TV other than the silly game shows, some of the TV is interesting. Showcasing things around town , the country and other countries. Side note on the game shows, and some of the around town shows, I notice after LZ mentioned it, there is usually one gay person on the show. she says Gay are “in” here. Also food is always big! Also Lone Wolf with Cub still comes on and some of the dramas are interesting.

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