Creole food, Jazzy soul and a Hospital

It was my first venture out into the night of O-town since being back. It was arranged that I was going to see Alicia Saldenha and her band play at the Bistro New Orleans in Osaka. As it turns out my Mother in Law is a Jazz fan and LZ had me take her along as she would not have a lot of chances to visit such a place.

We made our way to the club, a small place downstairs. On the hard side to find and small, but a good atmosphere. We arrived a little early and the band arrived a little late. I order Okasan and I food. It looked good. However bad move on my part to order red beans and rice. Who knew they put meat in it, Other places i have had that there was no meat. Ok, that sucked. So I could not eat it. I was glad it was only less than $5.00! So not a big waste, but enough. Okasan ordered a beer and some cheesy, pasta with crab. It was on the spicy side for her, so I had a bit of it, since my food was a wash. It was good. I did not eat much since I do not do crab. I did not ask if it was real or fake. Fake is just pollock fish.

Alicia and the band came, we finally got to met after a couple of years of causal short chats on Facebook.
 Her band consisted of a steel drum player, percussionist and a guitar player. Alicia did a few fills with bass on select songs. the band was excellent. i had never heard the amount of sounds the drummer/percussionist got out of a crate before.I was throughly impressed. I would love to Jam with him. The steel drum player was also impressive. He is Japanese and Alicia said that he not only plays but makes and tunes steel drums. I spoke with him afterwards. He said he took numerous trips to Trinidad to learn from his late teacher.  The guitar player was smooth and solid behind everything. I was told they have been together for a while but do not play often. Their gigs are not that regular. 
Sounds like Osaka is not a big club band working town. I believe also their songs are not top ten stuff , dance band type so, a mostly original Jazz type band is hard to stay working. Almost impossible in the states, no doubt here also.

Alicia and the band have a CD out it. You can check out her music and info on her webpage : 
We stayed for the first set, then after speaking some with the Steel drum player, it was time to go. Two reasons, one I found out when we first got there.
One does not pay an entrance fee for the evening, you pay per show or per set depends on how you want to call it.
 But ether way it can be very costly to stay for  a couple or more shows. I do not know if all of Japan /Osaka is like that. If so, no wonder it is hard to find working bands. That was a disappointing discovery. I guess though it is good for the bands that have a following to pay that much, they can make decent money.
We left the club, thinking that was it for the evening. Wrong!! Whilst walking back to the train station, Okasan tripped on a wire which was run in front of a sushi restaurant out to a sign on the street. The wire was across the sidewalk with no cover on it. She fell face first. After aiding her as I could I went into the restaurant to get the owner/manager. He sent his aide with the two of us to the hospital to have her checked and the cut on her chin looked after. Later after closing he came and stayed with us, into the night. Japan is not from what I understand a suing country, if this was in the States…whooo hooo, BIG law suit!
It was a long evening. We finally got home around 1:30 am. Once again I got to see the working of Japan’s medical system. This time an emergency room at night. Surprisingly for a Sat night it was fairly slow, unlike in the states where it is a mad house.
Anyway the owner has agreed to take care of whatever expenses. Still i do not know how complex this will get. We are hopeful there is no damage showing up later from the fall at her age. It was quite an Evening, sad it ended on a down note.

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