Week two begins

  Today is our one week anniversary being in Osaka. I would not say a lot was done this past week. A lot of resting, sleeping and adjusting to being in a new world. Sometimes it is hard to believe we just a few weeks ago were in Mexico. Even less time ago we were out hundreds of miles in the Ocean figuring out if we had enough water to survive until we could make it to land. Life is change.

We continue to be amazed at the show of compassion from others, even those we have never met. LZ finds that an amazing feature of Americans.
One thing I find interesting on another level is, there are several people, Americans, we met here in Japan years ago, that want no contact with us. Unknown why as we did nothing to them or anything. They seemed comfortable around us but I guess we are not their type or something. Whatever. You can not like or get along with everyone.
This is the week I start integrating out into Japan. I went out to the big park today, early about 6:00. I was surprised how many people, mostly retirees were out and about doing exercise. 

With the heat here it makes sense to go out early, that is why I was there. I watched a large group of seniors do some stretching and stuff, before I went off to practice on my own at a small out of the way location. 
When I returned back to that area, I walked over by the lake and flower garden looking for a place to do some Zanzen. The ground was too alive with huge black ants where I did my Tai Chi and kyudo basics, no way would i sit there and get eaten. 
After a while I noticed another group was forming, this was the Tai Chi group I had practiced with before. Being shy and not wanting to just barge in I followed along off to the side, for the second and third round of three they do. Afterward I sat over on a bench for some Zazen, before heading back to the Apt.
LZ and I were suppose to go to immigration today to start my paperwork for a long term visa. However since Okasan was not feeling well we stayed home with her. Tomorrow I go out into Japan officialdom. I hope they are as nice as the customs people at the Japan airports who just let us pass through with no hassle, no doubt because LZ is a citizen. Unlike the official jerks in the States who are drunk with power. 
Later this week, I hope to go pay my respects to Nogami Sensei and let him  know I am here and want to resume Kyudo soon as I gather equipment. Then on Sat I am off to a club to see a performer I have been in touch with for several years on Facebook, but have never met or seen her sing. Last time I was here I had planned on catching her show , but got detained in Tokyo due to winning a place in the finals. This time I am hoping to get an interview with her for Blacktokyo.com and maybe some leads on some musicians to Jam with or even gig. So this week will be productive … yosh!

One thought on “Week two begins

  1. Hi Z

    We just heard the sad news last week. Read your blogs glad to see you two home safe.Send us a line as to your new phone numbers and lets talk .let us know if you need any help?

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