Forced Stillness

  The hardest part of right now, is the stillness. Kind of like being on the boat, waiting for wind. Can not use the motor because not enough fuel to get anywhere so all one can do is wait for the wind. This is how I feel now. I want to do something to move forward but can not. I really really want to get on with Kyudo study. However, no Yumi, no ya, no glove, no Gi. I figured I could go outside to practice with the gomuyumi, and do some Tai Hai, however with the rain, which I love, the ground is wet, and the apt too small for me to practice any physical art.
I have been doing some free style practice on the Bass to get my chops up. Also some reading. I just finished a great ( to me ) book called the Chronicles of Tao , the secret life of a Taoist. The only book other than the Kyuhon saved from the boat. So much of the Taoist philosophy is in Chan it rings bells with my spirit. Also reading about the variation of this person life from the mountain temple to the everyday world and his blending and straying from the path and returning is a real perspective on living in good and bad times, perseverance and strength in the face of unpleasant conditions and survival.


I will need to get out soon. I have been shut in with others for too long.
I have been getting some Zazen time in but, it is not enough, and really is still more stillness. I think tomorrow I will go out, rain or shine, dry ground or wet. Even if it is just out here in the back area behind the Condo. There is a small open space , among trees and other greenery. It looks inviting. 


There is also a little park at the next door apt complex which is even more appealing. With a little walk there is the big park around the corner, where the is , or was the Group Tai Chi practice. I have not worked up to the early morning rise yet, but that too is coming soon.
Meanwhile, I guess it is time to dive into Kyudo reading the Kyuhon and some other Kyudo reading I have gathered and not had the time to read.
We are off to an Izakaya tonight. Yay! This is a favorite one from the hood, but they had to move due to the mall remodeling. We are off to the new location tonight, Okasan is treating,



6 thoughts on “Forced Stillness

  1. Irrashai! Forced stillness isn’t a bad thing. Take advantage of it now, because once the merry-go-round starts it will be more difficult, and I imagine you guys are still coming to grips with a lot of things. As for kyudo gear, a lot of dojo have loaner bows/arrows/kake for beginners and occasional 弓道教室 sorts of things, so you could probably get outfitted pretty quickly until your equipment arrives. Kyudo goes well with periods of forced stillness. Maybe there’s a community dojo nearby?

    Another alternative is the auction sites. So many people practice kyudo as part of their high school or university club activities, then give it up, so there’s a lot of used stuff out there. One friend bought a takeyumi on an auction site for around 4,000 yen. It needed to be reshaped, but the teacher at our dojo enjoyed the challenge and it ended up quite usable. Also if you like I can send you some arrows. They’re aluminium, 110cm long but if you’d prefer them shorter I can cut them down to size. Actually I have a spare bow, too, but it’s probably too weak for you. 15kg 6-sun nobi fiberglass Renshi. Just let me know if either would be useful!

    • Karamatsu-san, thank you for your kind offer. In truth both would be helpful. Anything is better than nothing. I did see a used Yumi on Ebay however I am very reluctant to spend the money as we watching closly our cash outlay. Friends have made donations to help us get by and replace some of my gear. Still i am using caution. Is there another aution site other than ebay? I thought there was one (yahoo?)once upon a time.

      It would be very helpful the use of your equipment. The Ya are a bit long at 110 , mine are 95 – 100 but i can still use it. My first yumi was a 15k nisun. I believe i can make use of whatever in order to practice, unless you think the Yumi is too tall. Please let me know the shipping cost to Suita city and i will send you the cost via paypal. Once we can send for my equipment I will return yours with gratitude.


  2. Oh, great! OK. I will check into shipping. The only tricky thing is if it has to be in a box. We’ll check on that. I set up a throw-away E-mail account at Yahoo. If you could send your address and phone number to that , it should be all they need to ship. I’ll use Yamato Mail if I can.

    Also for mosquitoes what we use around here is Hakka Oil. It’s peppermint oil, so the scent is very strong, but it seems to do the trick for mosquitoes and (worse) the biting flies (buyo) that we have here. Maybe we should try catnip instead.

  3. Ah, thank you for taking out the E-mail address. I imagined an instant avalanche of spam. We found enough cardboard to make a box, so that’s not a problem, but our last chance to get a pickup was this morning because we’ll be on the road until Monday. So, my guess is that we will be able to send them next Tuesday. The only thing you’ll have to snag somehow is a glove.

    If you’d like to try auction sites there are lots in Japanese. I’ve never used them so I can’t vouch for how reliable there are, but probably if you stick to the big names like Yahoo and Rakuten (not sure if Amazon Japan has auctions) they’ll be OK. Looking at the Yahoo Japan auction site ( and just entering 弓道 brings up almost 400 items, including some gloves, but the trouble is the fit. Everything else is pretty generic but there’s not much you can do about a badly fitting glove.

    Anyway relax and find that centre.

    • Thanks! Posted you my email on your site, as the one from here is not working. My sempai in the states is sending me a glove. I can piece together the rest here local. I should be in shooting shape soon, yokatta! 🙂

      I will check into hakka oil. Catnip does not seem readily found, but i am still new, and the mrs is not into herbal stuff

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