Nihon Chronicles – new beginnings

Day 1 plus
And so it begins…
Our flight was good. We did not lose anything and nothing got broke, and we did not crash, yokatta! We arrived at home just after dark. We chatted some with Okasan, then just LZ and I until sort of late, before turning in.
The weather is hot and pretty humid, I kind of like it! This weather is comfortable for me. I grew up in it. It is overcast today , like it is going to rain. I would like that, but I do not think so.
Went shopping today at a local super market in the hood. we walked through the park. I love the park here near the condo. Prices are not as bad at the market as I was expecting, there are specials one can get which is not so painful 🙂
i also nwanted to try and find an adapter plug for the computer three prong to two prong.  LZ had me do it with no help. Not a big deal really. She said later it is good for me to speak with the locals.  Still many Japanese do not have contact with Blacks and are abit afraid, more so when I wear sunglasses they are not use to that. Once I speak to them they relax more. One would think they are very timid people. Not if you are in the way of them getting where they want to go. All that politeness stuff goes out the window.
LZ is looking for a place for us to rent, old houses a bit out of the way are cheapest. Around 3-400.00
I do not have any Kyudo equipment here…I am bummed about that!  It is all in storage and the extra sets of things for practice was left on the Zenmaran. I wish I knew where to buy some used gear.
From time to time I still get depressed about the lost of the ZenCat. It feels weird not having a boat after all these years and being totally land-bound. It was really sad going by some of the places we went to and stayed at in the Long Beach area. Oh well that is over, it is a new day.
I am finding some of the on-line things I could watch in the states from Japan are not available here in Japan!?! That sucks! Japan TV sucks most of the time! My reading books, fun reading also on the boat mostly,  but some still in storage. So with all the looking  forward to being here. It is nice, but I am kind of in limbo for the moment. Also in a bit of a weird space mentally not being sure of a path.. I hope it rains. It will fit my spirit.
I have my new bass, flutes, gomuyumi and Fu arts. I need to start practicing soon. That will help my spirit and mind heal and open to new blessings…yosh
It did rain, heavy and a lot a perfect little storm, I loved it! Right at the end of LZ telling me how much we will need struggle to make ends meet and the need to find work, etc, etc!
Anyway, life is on here in Osaka.

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