The Nihon Chronicles

A new beginning

As I start this new blog for our new life I am on a  JAL jet at 32000 ft, heading for Nihon. I thought it would be appropriate place to start.
We were up early today in order to be ready when the airport shuttle came for us. That was a good plan to take the shuttle. 61.00 plus 20% tip. Worth it, no hassle, no parking , no bothering our friends, no stress. Arrived in plenty of time.
We arrived at the JAL counter only to find they were not open as yet, we had to wait about 30 min. Not a big deal. We checked in our baggage. We had an extra baggage which I had not planned on. My friend who we had stayed with this week, gave me an acoustic bass. A pretty nice one! I had lost mine on the Zen II tragedy, left when we abandoned ship.
With plans of hooking up with a band in Nihon, I needed something to practice with until our storage items were sent for from Alameda.
Anyway, we stood waiting in line at the airport, finally the JAL counter opened. My large bag was over -weight so we had to pay 60.00 I was a bit shocked but…somethings can not be helped. I was required to check in the Bass as well. Not my favorite thing, but again some things cannot be helped. fortunately it had a hard shell case, not a great one, but hopefully ok.
We got checked in with our four bag limit, and a over charge fee. Not bad. Then we got shocking news! We were given two up grades into premium economy seats. Normally 300.00 ea. for free! Sugoi, how cool is that. A good way to start off the new life. Special reclining seats, meals, service, drinks, slippers, yeah baby!
That put us in good spirits! On top of me being pleased about the new Bass. So we are off on a new adventure.
We will land in Tokyo then change to a local plane for Osaka. So weird this is finally happening. Not as planned, but…Shikatakunai!
The plan, hook up with a band, Kyudo training, setup a Tai Chi/ meditation class, find some part time work, and a place to do some ceramics study. Perhaps even setup a side business, on-line or something.
Not many people my age and of my background, come to Japan to retire and start over, so this should be an interesting path as an older gent.
As we do not have the Zen II any more we will be staying with LZ’s mum for a while, maybe a month or two, depends on what we find and can afford. I hope for just a couple of months, as I would like our own place , and to feel like we are settled.
I am unsure where to start this new life., I guess the first stop after a few days of rest and internet research would be to check in with Nogami Sensei. Let him know i am back and will be ready for classes soon as I receive my gear, or buy replacements.
I have my bass, flutes, gomuyumi and Fu arts. I need to start practicing soon. That will help my spirit and mind heal and open to new blessings…yosh

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